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Embrace Yourselves

It is often spoken of the spiritual value of being one with all things and that at the very essence of your being there is an inseparable bond between you and all creation. Though the oneness of All That Is is an irrevocable state of being, you participate in that union by embracing all that you encounter, be it an individual, an action, or a philosophy. It does not always mean acceptance or participation in it but rather a call to respond to it in love. Love re-unifies the scattered aspects of oneself created by the ego consciousness.

It is easy to embrace the beauty of a flower or the smile on a newborn baby’s face. It is more difficult when you witness evil, overt actions of selfishness and aggression, to incorporate that into yourself. When you embrace all aspects of yourself in love, you separate the wheat of consciousness from the chaff of the negative ego, and you can freely become One with All That Is.

If there is negativity in your world, it is evidence that you have not yet fully cleansed the negative ego from your collective consciousness. When you embrace all aspects of yourself in love, you […]

June 30th, 2011|Love|

The Universe: The Unfoldment of Consciousness

Philosophers, theologians and even psychologists have sought to understand and define the concepts of reality and consciousness. It is intriguing, if not ironic, that the very sea of awareness that you swim in is exceptionally difficult to comprehend and define.
The parameters of consciousness and the limits of your reality are synonymous with each other.
It is difficult to observe a concept in which you dwell and be able to step back and observe it objectively. There is only one place in which that perspective is capable of being comprehended—and that is when you are in union with the mind of the creator, God. An analogy to explain humanity’s difficulty in defining reality and its relationship to consciousness is to see yourself standing on a large, flat, unobstructed area on your planet and walking in a straight line. All who observe your actions would agree that you are walking in a straight line. But is that true? From your perspective, indeed; in fact, it looks like you are walking away from your starting point.

But in reality, neither of those perceptions is accurate. Since you physically reside on a sphere, your path is not straight, it is curved with the planet’s contour. […]

June 22nd, 2011|The One Mind, Universe|

Sea of Existence

Humanity, as an individualized expression of the consciousness of the whole of creation, has misinterpreted its individuality as an alienation from the totality of All That Is. Individuality, in the spirit in which it was created, was never intended to be a source of separation. Feelings of alienation and separation occur when one loses sight of the three basic principles of consciousness—the source, the observation and the manifestation.

As we have indicated in the past, the One Mind, which represents the source, the One Thought, which represents the observation, and the One Soul, which represents the manifestation, are integral parts of consciousness and the trinitized expression of divinity. It is only when humanity segments these aspects of consciousness that individuality becomes a state of separateness. The chasm between you, the creator, and that which was created is only bridged when there is an acceptance that those three aspects of consciousness are equal and one.
Consciousness is dynamic and in constant flux and movement with itself.
The truth of your existence is that you are the only species on the planet that consciously contains all three aspects of consciousness. Indeed, throughout the universe there are many more but that is not the topic […]

June 8th, 2011|Enlightenment, Universe|

Reminder and Review

We have discussed with you and given you the foundation–the first steps in understanding the definition of God.

We have explained to you the trifold aspects of the existence of consciousness: The One Mind, The One Thought, The One Soul, and all three of those interactions with each other.

We have indicated to you the three attitudes that allow you to move into that consciousness: Acknowledgment, Surrender, Dominion, and we have warned you of the three attitudes; Denial, Alienation, Powerlessness, that hinder the manifestation of Consciousness.

We have indicated to you the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now and how they correlate and interact with Eternity and Infinity. We have spoken to you of the creation of beingness as Consciousness pursuing Physicality throughout creation to conceive Beingness.

Now we begin the fundamental understandings of the second step towards Consciousness, a deeper understanding that Consciousness is the face of God in your reality. If you want to meet God face to face, if you want to interact with the Divine, simply open you eyes and your mind and see the world for what it truly is. God in physical form.

To the degree that your Consciousness is expressed by your interaction with acknowledgment, surrender and dominion, […]

June 3rd, 2011|The One Mind|

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