We have discussed with you and given you the foundation–the first steps in understanding the definition of God.

We have explained to you the trifold aspects of the existence of consciousness: The One Mind, The One Thought, The One Soul, and all three of those interactions with each other.

We have indicated to you the three attitudes that allow you to move into that consciousness: Acknowledgment, Surrender, Dominion, and we have warned you of the three attitudes; Denial, Alienation, Powerlessness, that hinder the manifestation of Consciousness.

We have indicated to you the Eternal Here and the Eternal Now and how they correlate and interact with Eternity and Infinity. We have spoken to you of the creation of beingness as Consciousness pursuing Physicality throughout creation to conceive Beingness.

Now we begin the fundamental understandings of the second step towards Consciousness, a deeper understanding that Consciousness is the face of God in your reality. If you want to meet God face to face, if you want to interact with the Divine, simply open you eyes and your mind and see the world for what it truly is. God in physical form.

To the degree that your Consciousness is expressed by your interaction with acknowledgment, surrender and dominion, is the degree to which God is able to manifest and express itself in your reality. You are one with God because you are able to comprehend, interact with and utilize The One Mind, The One Thought and The One Soul.

So when you open the eyes of your spirit, what you see is the face of God in all you encounter.