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Location. Location. Location

The following is an excerpt from Paradise, The Prime Real Estate of Consciousness.

The prime real estate of consciousness is paradise. Unlike the financial arrangements on the physical plane of existence, this locale cannot be purchased with money.

Firstly, what makes a prime location in your community? One that is situated close to necessary services, good schools, safe neighborhood, and with all of its attributes contributing to a peaceful, secure and happy living environment. The same is true with consciousness’ prime real estate called paradise. It is convenient and close to the necessary services you desire to lead a secure, peaceful and happy existence.

Secondly, with what currency do you purchase this desired plot of existence? We will say this: it cannot be bargained for, it cannot be borrowed against and, yes, it cannot even be inherited. You cannot earn it, you cannot learn it, but you can simply accept it by the currency of your thoughts.

Thought is much like your currency and can be used to purchase things desired and, perhaps sometimes, things that are not beneficial. It would do humanity well to understand that thoughts are the currency of their creation. Unlike human finance that can be limited and controlled, […]

April 24th, 2012|Enlightenment, Physicality|

Chaos is the Fertile Ground of Creation

The situations and circumstances in your life are not limitations or do not impede your possibilities and potential; rather, they assist and facilitate the goals that you desire.

Believe and trust in yourself and the destiny that you desire. Be in the present yet with consideration for the future. Appropriate desire always takes into considerations life’s circumstances and needs yet is not limited by them.

Be most loving, kind, caring and compassionate to yourself; yet, declare, acknowledge and command that the circumstances and the situations that you are experiencing are propelling you on your desired course.

Remember, the path of the soul does not demand compromise of your goals or your beliefs. Command the situations and circumstances in your life to comply with your desires, and seize the opportunities within them with intention, focus and responsible action.

Chaos is the fertile ground of creation. Your current life circumstances are fertile ground for you to create. Seize the moment, commit to and acknowledge chaos as being of service to you. You are not victim of your circumstances. Mold them. Use them. Do not deny your desires and see within your challenges the fertile ground in which the seeds to create the harvest of your […]

April 22nd, 2012|Creation, Physicality|

The Garden: Parity or Promise?

The following is an excerpt from Paradise, The Prime Real Estate of Consciousness. 

In the vast majority of religious beliefs there is a tradition that humanity, once perfect, has fallen from its original state. The spiritual endeavors and religious beliefs throughout the centuries have been to guide humanity to climb out of the spiritual pit they had seemingly fallen into. This has been and is the impetus for spiritual discovery and enlightenment.

You do not need to observe the current human conditions for very long to be persuaded that the garden either does not presently exist or it is in desperate need of weeding. So what of the garden? Does it or does it not exist? Did it ever? Will it in the future?

Any conversation on paradise must include a discussion of this previous utopian state of human existence. Paradise is seen as a return to that original state of being. Humanity—unworthy, damaged and plagued by the physical world—needs redemption, salvation or intervention by the one who originally created the garden.

Theologians throughout the centuries have made excuses for the demise of humanity’s original state, pointing fingers and throwing stones at the human condition. Unfortunately the result of such beliefs has caused humanity to […]

April 18th, 2012|Consciousness|

Paradise by Any Other Name

The following is an excerpt from Paradise, The Prime Real Estate of Consciousness. 

Heaven, Valhalla and Utopia are but a few of the many names given to a place of spiritual bliss and enlightenment—a carrot hung at the end of a stick comprised of study, long suffering and, for many, death. Virtually, every religion has held the belief that there is a state of existence in which there is no suffering, no evil, no trials, filled with joy, love and light—and most importantly, a personal presence of the divine.

The roads are many but the destination across religious beliefs join into one reality where what is most important in your belief is obtained. Therefore, it becomes a curious element of the concept of paradise that perhaps it is not constant but is arbitrary to your own belief system. This quickly affronts the belief that paradise is a place. There have been many wars fought over the centuries as to whose concept of paradise is correct. The one thing we know for sure is that never in history has war led to paradise.

Paradise, when understood as a state of being, makes more sense in relationship to individual perception. Does this mean that each […]

April 9th, 2012|Physicality, Spirituality|

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