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Metaphysically Speaking

Perhaps the concept of metaphysical thought could be a stumbling block for some who might otherwise be open to a reality that transcends the known physical world. Humanity has a tendency to codify its thoughts on a subject, thereby creating a structured belief system one must adhere to in order to have access to the “truth” it promotes. Just as no religion holds the keys to salvation, metaphysical thinking does not alone hold access to the awareness of a new age.

Now it is necessary to state that new thought is a very important part of the awakening process of humanity, but it must not become something one must decide to believe or participate in. Metaphysical thought should not be seen as separate from everyday thoughts and beliefs but rather an integrated part of everyday life—an invitation for each individual to find transcendence in their own life.

We are not splitting hairs or being critical but instead making the point that new thought is an integration into your religious beliefs, cultural norms and philosophical thinking. The awakening of humanity is a promise that enlightenment is accessible to all, not that everyone will become a metaphysician.

What is now considered metaphysical thought will […]

November 28th, 2012|Metaphysical|

My Bags are Packed

Often humanity seeks to change the reality in which it dwells to create an environment more to its liking. When initiated through intent, focus and action, your current reality begins to shift. Your current situation may seem to worsen; yet, in`reality you are being asked to release and surrender your present attachments and investments in order for them to be transformed into your new reality. It is not much different than when you relocate. You pack up what you will need in you new environment and discard the rest. You must surrender where you are and release what you have in order to accomplish the move.
With shifting realities you must release and surrender. Therefore, see nothing as lost, as all things surrendered are transformed and returned in a new way.
To assist this process utilize the tools of acknowledgement, surrender and dominion during the transitional process–acknowledging the potential of your new reality, surrendering ALL aspects of your life to be transformed to be in alignment with this new reality and declaring your dominion, which is your right to live in this reality. This exercise will extinguish the fears, eliminate the confusion and bring you peace, hope and faith.

Do not focus […]

November 14th, 2012|Physicality|

Divine Will vs Personal Choice

Perhaps the title of this concept hints at the difficulty of deciphering what is divine will or personal choice. When divine will and personal choice are seen as opposing forces, conflict is evident, and the ego consciousness and spiritual identity begin a tug-of-war for control.
The reality is that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what these two equal and powerful forces offer to the human experience. Yes, equal—and therein lies the source of humanity’s dilemma between the two.
There is a deep-seated belief that divine will supercedes personal choice, therefore, creating an intrinsic disempowerment of self.
The belief that there is some divine dictator that commands humanity against its will is a sad misunderstanding of the truth. This belief promotes that God is right and the individual is wrong. Yet, humanity has been told that they have freewill. The conflict created can cause some to see freewill as a curse rather than a blessing.

The reality is you always have choice, and that is just that. Choice is not to decide between right and wrong or good and bad. This thinking implies polarity rather than participation.

So how does divine will fit into the picture? Divine will only makes sense in relationship to […]

November 7th, 2012|Physicality, Spirituality|

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