Perhaps the concept of metaphysical thought could be a stumbling block for some who might otherwise be open to a reality that transcends the known physical world. Humanity has a tendency to codify its thoughts on a subject, thereby creating a structured belief system one must adhere to in order to have access to the “truth” it promotes. Just as no religion holds the keys to salvation, metaphysical thinking does not alone hold access to the awareness of a new age.

Now it is necessary to state that new thought is a very important part of the awakening process of humanity, but it must not become something one must decide to believe or participate in. Metaphysical thought should not be seen as separate from everyday thoughts and beliefs but rather an integrated part of everyday life—an invitation for each individual to find transcendence in their own life.

We are not splitting hairs or being critical but instead making the point that new thought is an integration into your religious beliefs, cultural norms and philosophical thinking. The awakening of humanity is a promise that enlightenment is accessible to all, not that everyone will become a metaphysician.

What is now considered metaphysical thought will be seen as second nature in the new age. As you await that emerging consciousness on the planet, you will find it within your own life, beliefs and thoughts; for, what is awakening is within you right where you are.