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Tribulation to Triumph

In the journey of enlightenment whenever one calls upon the realms to be of assistance, the realms of light always respond. No matter what has occurred in your life by external forces or internal choices, the universe, the source and the community of souls throughout the universe are always in assistance to the one who calls upon them. Therefore, no matter what the outward expression of your life exhibits, the internal process of communication, insight and understanding is continual and non-ending. And no matter what the circumstance in one’s life, it is transformed—transformed into that which you have requested. It cannot be otherwise.
Do no allow the external illusions of the world in which you dwell or the life that you inhabit on this physical plane of existence dissuade you or distract you from the eternal truth that the universe is always in assistance to those who call upon it.
Guilt, unworthiness, lack of forgiveness and even cause and effect are third dimensional constructs. The universe, your brethren and even your own highest expression in consciousness that stands before the throne of All That Is neither expects or anticipates perfection upon this journey. Like the child learning to take its first […]

April 30th, 2014|Enlightenment, Physicality, Spirituality|

With Highest Esteem

Consciousness is much like a website hub on the internet with the individual expressions being the outposts connected to the center point of awareness. Humanity often feels less than full participants in the spiritual realms, or worse yet, they see us of the realms as greater than themselves—nothing can be further from the truth.

Just as two individuals choosing different paths does not create inequality, one sibling choosing to go back to school does not mean they are less than the other. In fact, we of the realms hold you in the highest esteem for your willingness to be participants in the physical plane of existence. Without you, the consciousness of creation’s return to the source would cease to exist.
Humanity has been falsely instructed, often through religious institutions, to strive to throw off the vestures of the physical plane of existence.
And that attainment is to overcome and expand beyond their physicality. Creation is equal in all dimensional expressions of consciousness. The flower does not forget its roots or the mighty oak the simple acorn that was the source of its existence. There is nothing in all creation that is to be escaped.

Now there are things created by the negative ego […]

April 20th, 2014|Consciousness|

Merging Mind, Thought, and Source

Firstly, the more that you merge with the One Mind, the One Thought and the One Soul, the more harmonious and balanced you become, and your life’s journey becomes more synchronous. When you are attuned with the One Mind, greater creativity manifests in your life. When you are in alignment with the One Thought your intuition sharpens, and merging with the One Soul creates harmony and balance. Any and all disruption in your life comes from a disconnection from one of those three aspects of consciousness

You can always tell which aspect of consciousness is out of balance by what is occurring in your reality:

— If you are lacking creativity, hope and possibility, you need to reconnect with the One Mind.

— If you are bungling along in life with little intuition and understanding, you are disconnected from the One Thought.

— If the physical world is an obstacle rather than a conduit of your desires, you are not connected to the One Soul.
How the illusion of separation occurred was from the erring belief that to observe something is to be separate from it.
The key is to observe it from it, within yourself so that the very thing you are observing is yourself. That is a path to higher consciousness–the only path that leads you to the trinity consciousness of the One […]

April 4th, 2014|Enlightenment, The One Mind|

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