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A Candle in the Darkness

The reason individuals do not know what will occur in their lives is not only would knowing steal the opportunity for the learning but the ego consciousness would make choices based upon the future rather than the present moment. As you know the future is created in the present moment; so, act as if your desires are being made manifest. We understand the confusion, frustration humanity experiences; yet, the purpose of this life is to master it, to face challenges boldly, bravely and confidently, trusting that the desires of your heart, the choices of your soul and the will of your spirit will be made manifest.

Look around you, not to compare, but most of humanity is facing challenges, and easily one could despair on the state of affairs of the human race and its consciousness. But each challenge faced, each faith maintained disempowers, bit by bit, the negative ego creations of the human consciousness. Though this world and throughout life, your experiences are important and real to your perception; yet, it ultimately does not matter. You are an infinite, eternal consciousness, and this physical plane of existence is but one frequency in an unlimited set of dimensional levels.
You are […]

May 30th, 2014|All That Is, Physicality|

Adversary or Advocate?

Is your perception of your existence an adversarial relationship or an advocate with your physical expression? How do you approach your life? When you awake in the morning do you see the world and your life in assistance to you or something that you need to overcome? Is your physical expression something that you need to get through in order to get to a better place or is it something that propels you on the way? Does the physical plane of existence assist or resist your evolution into a spiritually-conscious being? Or perhaps, at times it can be either and, if so, why? And how do you take conscious control of your perception of adversary or advocate?

Certainly throughout theological history, the physical plane of existence has been seen as a battle to overcome, a distraction over spiritual existence, damnation to a place alienated and isolated from spiritual awareness. Yes, the souls of humanity did choose to infuse themselves within the framework of physical existence, but it was not a purgatory they entered—it was a paradise. The “Garden” that was lost was done so by humanity’s own consciousness, for just as your enemy has no power when you are not […]

May 10th, 2014|Enlightenment, Spirituality|

Potentials, Possibilities and Promises

We celebrate and rejoice in the potentials, possibilities and promises given humanity. The lessons learned, the tasks accomplished, the goals to reach and the promises to be obtained for you are coming to a deeper appreciation that the expression of your existence is greater than what can be comprehended.
The veil is ever thinning and the expression of physicality and the manifestation of consciousness merges into one dynamic being.
Not only is an expression of existence occurring but a shift in your realities because of the metamorphosis of your consciousness. You are coming to understand, accept and perceive the union of the spiritual and the physical aspects of your existence.

Time and space transform into eternity and infinity, and your perspective of who you are and where you dwell changes the perception of your world. The awareness of your inner being pours forth into your reality. It is the promise of the ages, the merger of the creative mind with the creation, the awareness that all you physically experience is one layer of an infinite holographic experience.
You are not locked into your current perception of yourself or the universe in which you dwell;
It is simply where the seed of your soul was […]

May 2nd, 2014|Consciousness, Physicality|

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