Is your perception of your existence an adversarial relationship or an advocate with your physical expression? How do you approach your life? When you awake in the morning do you see the world and your life in assistance to you or something that you need to overcome? Is your physical expression something that you need to get through in order to get to a better place or is it something that propels you on the way? Does the physical plane of existence assist or resist your evolution into a spiritually-conscious being? Or perhaps, at times it can be either and, if so, why? And how do you take conscious control of your perception of adversary or advocate?

Certainly throughout theological history, the physical plane of existence has been seen as a battle to overcome, a distraction over spiritual existence, damnation to a place alienated and isolated from spiritual awareness. Yes, the souls of humanity did choose to infuse themselves within the framework of physical existence, but it was not a purgatory they entered—it was a paradise. The “Garden” that was lost was done so by humanity’s own consciousness, for just as your enemy has no power when you are not in opposition to them, creation has no oppositional power other than that which your attitude creates.

When you see the physical plane of existence as a straight and wide path to the expression of consciousness in physical form, all things will work in alignment for your highest good and your well-being.

The masters who have walked on water, performed miracles, passed through walls, bi-located and teleported did so because they were not in opposition to or in an adversarial relationship with their physical selves. If you see an individual as a friend, they are a friend; if you see them as an enemy, they are an enemy. If you see physicality as an enemy, it will be an enemy; if you see it as an advocate, it will be your advocate.

Your holy writings are filled with the belief that the divine places obstacles in the path of those pursuing it, as if divinity was some fortress needing to be protected. The universe, God, the source, consciousness, whatever you prefer to call the highest expression of your existence, never has nor ever will place an obstacle in the path of spiritual attainment or demand a test to enter the palace of the consciousness of All That Is.

Everything in existence, by its natural force, is on a pathway of returning to the creator. If you are facing obstacles in your life, you are rowing against that flow. Let us be clear that there are challenges, but challenges are not obstacles. If you cannot get where you want to go, turn around; you are heading in the wrong direction. Your negative ego is much like a mirror giving you the false impression of the direction to go to get where you want to be. Do not be afraid to look around and find the supporting hands, heart, and wise guidance that are just for you to be the creator walking in physical form in his or her own garden.