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Expanding Horizons

What is a horizon? As soon as we mention it, you have an image in your mind. Perhaps looking out over the sea at the setting sun or perhaps from a mountaintop. Each is an example of a horizon yet each vividly different. There are many horizons: the horizon of vision, the horizon of thought and the horizon of consciousness to mention a few. But whatever the horizon is in reference to, there is one common aspect. It is a meeting point, a place of joining. Horizon is where two aspects of the same reference of reality meet. Where the earth meets the sky, thought meets inspiration and consciousness meets God.

Now that we have established a definition of horizon and have identified a common factor between all references to horizon, what other common aspects do they share. A horizon is also the point between the seen and the unseen. Horizon may be the end or the limit of visual perception, spiritual awareness or the conscious awareness; yet, each hold the promise of something more yet to be seen.

The next curiosity about horizon is that you can never reach it. It is always out there and moves with your change […]

May 18th, 2016|Awakening, Spirituality|

Personality of God

The following is an excerpt from The Seven Gifts of Consciousness, The Bounty of the Universe.

In this mini-book, we explore the intrinsic nature of consciousness in your life. Many religions have a list of attributes to be possessed and behaviors to be attained—gifts of spirit and acts of mercy—to mention just a few. Whatever the basis of your spiritual belief, there is a behavioral set of standards to be obtained. Reaching the standards in your life is generally accepted as an indicator that you are on the spiritual path of attainment.

There is truth to this belief that there are certain hallmarks of behavior that indicate spiritual grace. We would adjust that belief slightly by stating that the spiritual nature of consciousness expressed in physical form is not something so much to be attained—but accepted.

In this mini-book, we will discuss the seven gifts of cosmic consciousness, the nature of consciousness expressed in physical form. They are not so much goals to be reached but tools to be accepted in order to be conscious creators of your reality and in alignment with the creative force of All That Is.

Cosmic consciousness is said to be the personality of God. The seven gifts […]

May 2nd, 2016|All That Is, Consciousness|

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