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Paradise is a creation of Consciousness.

For you are eternal beings in an infinite place.

For all that exists there is no end, there is only change.

Paradise is when there is no veil between the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of oneself.

You will hold the light when all the world around you turns dark and you […]

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Consciousness & Creation

It is your creation, yet all creations when surrendered into the Oneness of All That Is can only assist in returning you to that place of Awareness.

Understand the ascent process is a continuation of the impetus of the universe to return to itself and complete the cycle, and become more than it was when […]

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The Pursuit

Humanity throughout its existence has been in a perpetual pursuit of desires and hopes. The positive impact of that motivation is that it keeps humanity seeking and striving to expand itself. All areas of human development have been spurred by that desire to reach beyond the horizons of one’s limitations, the boundaries of one’s […]

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