It is your creation, yet all creations when surrendered into the Oneness of All That Is can only assist in returning you to that place of Awareness.

Understand the ascent process is a continuation of the impetus of the universe to return to itself and complete the cycle, and become more than it was when it began.

Somehow humanity has this illusion that they reside here, that they reside in the universe, that it is their host, their home. They are the universe. The universe is as much you as you are with your body. You do not live in the universe, you are the universe.

Challenge yourselves to be courageous enough to choose a different way. Do not hide behind the powerless voice of the negative ego for it steals your joy, your power.

If you go about your day and do not surrender or declare your dominion you must then be content with the reality you have created.

Remind yourselves that nothing is done unto you. You create all things unto yourself and you can choose freely and easily whatever you wish.

And never forget you have the right to give up and you have the right to succeed. But whichever you do, accept and embrace that reality as your creation.

If you choose to see failure, you will see failure.

You cannot be master of that which you have not succeeded.

And be reassured that when you surrender to your path, all things will be given unto you.

When you are aware that everything in your reality is self-generated then you are at peace and empowered.