Humanity throughout its existence has been in a perpetual pursuit of desires and hopes. The positive impact of that motivation is that it keeps humanity seeking and striving to expand itself. All areas of human development have been spurred by that desire to reach beyond the horizons of one’s limitations, the boundaries of one’s abilities, and the light of one’s knowledge.

At the same time, one’s pursuits can lead them astray depending on the purpose and the intention of their goals. The focus of one’s desire, the intent of one’s actions, and the thoughts of one’s mind has direct and profound effect on what they manifest and create in their lives.

The anatomy of the concept of pursuit is the combination of one’s desires and actions, and their emotion that propels the attainment of their goals.

In the coming of the new season upon the planet, what one pursues is important in the harvest they reap. One might contend that the seeds of human thought have already been planted and both the wheat and the weeds grow abundantly upon the rich soil of human thought. Indeed, this is truth yet the sun shines on all during the growing season, from the thistle to the thorn, the wheat and the corn, yet the wise harvester only brings to his barn that which is beneficial to him.

In the season of the universe in which you dwell, all the thoughts of humanity have been nurtured by the same source that creates all things. Therefore, it is a time to be observant and to discern and separate that which will feed you from that which is of no benefit and is to be tread under foot.

It is important for humanity to understand that the source of All That Is simply responds to your desires and intents, always guiding yet not intruding upon your choices.

pursuitHumanity struggles during this time of growth upon the planet for even the weeds can seem tempting with their blooms. Perhaps the unassuming clover would be more beneficial.

What are we saying here? What is the purpose of the analogy that we are giving you? It is that your pursuit of your chosen desires will lead you to the fruit of your harvest. All upon this planet is being exaggerated. Humanity’s choices seeded by intent and emotion are bearing fruit. All is more available to you today than ever before and it is your responsibility to choose wisely.

We have spoken in an earlier concept of a new way to look at the Last Judgment. To look at the tribulation of humanity. If you are facing your demons in your life, be brave, be confident, and be steadfast, for it is an indicator to you that you are pursuing another choice. So that which you no longer choose rears its head in one last desperate attempt to capture your attention. All of humanity has planted thorns and thistles, and wheat and corn. The only error is not to harvest that which is beneficial to you.

Even your brother, the man Jesus, spoke of the harvester separating the harvest from the weeds. How does one harvest? What does that mean? How does one collect the fruits of their thoughts and dispose of those things unwanted or not beneficial? What does the harvest look like? Where does one store their fruits?

Pursuit is the harvester of the fruits of the seeds of one’s consciousness. It is that pursuit that allows the fruit to be reaped.

Why do we use the word pursuit? It speaks of intent, the desire to capture. It speaks of a focus and a direction that is greater than all else in one’s life. You have abundantly planted on the fertile grounds of creation, watered by your emotions and warmed by your desires. Now choose. You have amply planted both, the weed and the wheat, now go forth and harvest that which best serves you.

Once your pursuit has harvested the fruit of your choosing, you store it in the desires of your heart and it is that desire that sustains you, holds you, guides you and protects you during the sometimes turbulent events that occur during the changing of an age.

pursuitIn these days and months ahead prior to the shift in conscious awareness, one will receive many opportunities to determine and decide what they wish to pursue. Throughout the last age, humanity has been planting seeds and watering their crops of thought. Now they have the wonderful time to collect the fruits of their labor.

It has been stated in your holy writings, that what one sows, one reaps. And there is truth in that statement but no one sows just wheat, or just weeds. So forgive yourself and be confident in your ability to choose wisely which harvest you wish to take to your heart. For all is well in your world.