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Chicken or the Egg

As we have stated, Consciousness, God, Divinity, must of itself have a source, the potentiality of all things. It must have a place from which to manifest and a place in which to observe. What has occurred in the separation of consciousness, is the point of observation is seen as separate from both the […]

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The Garden

Every action and thought you do in this physical plane of existence, you do not only for yourself, but for all humanity—in fact, all the Universe. Every thought, word, or deed affects the overall Consciousness of your planet. You are not different, you are not unique from the Universe upon whose shoulders you stand: […]

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The Internet

The internet, not only in the third dimension, but also in the fourth dimension has had a profound effect on the consciousness and communion of humankind. It is emerging, the first glimmer of light over the eastern horizon shedding the light of a new day on the consciousness of humanity. When there is an […]

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Shifting Signs

We would wish to comment on the recent developments regarding the astrological houses and the positional shift within your yearly calendar. Nothing in the universe is stagnant nor should it be. It is evidence that the clockwork of the universe is constantly in motion and shifting. This discovery is a small indicator of the […]

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