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Resonant Energy

Resonant Energy, Reciprocal Response
The foundation of all existence is built upon an energetic grid created by the resonant vibrations of the elements of existence, forming a blueprint for creation. Understanding the resonant energy and reciprocal response will allow you to more fully access the creative forces of the universe.
The harmonic response of the universe to itself […]

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Creation and Consciousness

As we have taught, creation and consciousness are in a symbiotic relationship; neither is the source of the other nor does cause and effect play a part in their relationship.

We understand that humanity is deeply rooted in the belief that the creator, i.e. consciousness, is the source of creation. How possibly could creation not […]

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The Mathematics of Consciousness

The art of numbers has, since recorded time, played a part in the divination of predictions of personal as well as universal events. Numerology is a recognized means, by some, to determine the optimum time for action and the value and impact the relationship of quantities have upon each other. Many people use sacred […]

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Just Because It Is In Your Mind Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t True

What is the source of human experience? Is it reality or thought? Humanity generally sees reality as something “outside” itself while thought is privy to the inner sanctums of the mind. The relationship between reality and thoughts is for most part nonexistent or, at best, hazy.

The question at hand is, is there an uncrossable chasm between […]

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Clockworks of Consciousness

The universal clockworks of consciousness tick toward an ultimate hour of awakening. The evolution of consciousness is intricately entwined with the internal movements of the universe.
The relationship is symbiotic rather than cause and effect. We are sure many who read these words are questioning, “Why the relationship?”. It is best answered by first stating […]

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