What is the source of human experience? Is it reality or thought? Humanity generally sees reality as something “outside” itself while thought is privy to the inner sanctums of the mind. The relationship between reality and thoughts is for most part nonexistent or, at best, hazy.

The question at hand is, is there an uncrossable chasm between what you think and what you experience, or is there a “bridge” that spans the gulf between the two? And if so, what is it? More importantly, if your thoughts can reach the land of your living, are they observers or participants in your reality?

It would be too simplistic to say it is how you see it, but it is the best place to start this discussion.

Generally, if you see yourself as powerless and a pawn in what you experience, you would believe there is no bridge to be found. If you feel a sense of empowerment in your life, you would say you have found the bridge and cross it regularly. Now, belief alone does not create a bridge, but attitude does play a part in finding the bridge if it does exist.

Now of course, we are proponents that there is a relationship between your reality and your thought, but just stating this truth does not help those who are struggling to find the path to it. To discover the path, you must open yourself to the possibility that what you think affects your world.

The strategy is: rather than standing back and bombarding your reality across the gulf with thoughts of what you desire in hopes of breaking down the reinforcements of your reality–the answer is much simpler and happens on the internal side of the chasm. If you want to see the bullworks crumble and the barricades of your beliefs fall, start with the simple act of “taking responsibility” for your creations, for your experiences occurring on the “other side” of the illusionary belief in separation.

Do not attack your reality with good thoughts but begin re-empowering yourself by undermining your unwanted creations by owning them.

For in ownership, there is responsibility; in responsibility, there is power. They are no longer outside you but an extension of you and the chasm disappears because you accept that you are creator of your world. By taking ownership for what you experience, you have cut off the “secret” supply lines that have fed your creations.

As a result, you live in a unified world where your thoughts and experiences are in harmony with each other because–just because it is in your mind, you know that it is real.