The art of numbers has, since recorded time, played a part in the divination of predictions of personal as well as universal events. Numerology is a recognized means, by some, to determine the optimum time for action and the value and impact the relationship of quantities have upon each other. Many people use sacred geometry and astronomers and scientists have agreed that mathematics is the universal language.

There obviously seems to be a correlation between numbers, the universe and consciousness—but what is it? How does it function? What is its relationship in understanding consciousness? Can consciousness be expressed in mathematical terms or could consciousness actually be a mathematical formula?

Is consciousness a mathematical function? Not quite but its footprint, so to say, can be mathematically calculated. “What!” one might question, “are we to throw down our holy books and reach for our calculators?” No, don’t throw your holy book down but, yes, keep your calculator handy.

Now let’s clearly state that mathematics does not alone run the universe, but the universe is mathematically predictable in its functioning. Therefore, if the universe is mathematical and consciousness is the universe, consciousness is mathematical. If A=B and B=C, then A=C. Enough of preliminary math, consciousness is a far more complex equation.

What then is the mathematics of consciousness? We need to begin simply with–what is mathematics?

Mathematics is the study of the laws of interaction between quantitative sets of definable existence—thus quantum physics.

Be it the jellybean in the jar or the gravitational pull of the Milky Way upon your planet, all have a relationship to its environment that can be stated in mathematical terms. The mathematic relationship of existence to itself is irrefutable and unchangeable. Simply stated, 1+1=2, no matter how many times you count it or what universe or dimension you are in when you count. Therefore, mathematics offers a unique, unbiased and consistent “yard stick” in which to measure your existence—and therefore, understand it better.

Everything, yes, everything can be described in a mathematical equation because it exists and has a quantitative relationship to everything else in existence. This is an important distinction to make in that mathematical calculations must be in relationship to some quantitative measure of existence. Mathematics has a symbiotic relationship with existence and, therefore, consciousness.

In reality, mathematics is the study of consciousness’ creation on itself.

The confusion for some and the fear for others that religion/spirituality could be replaced by science/mathematics is really unfounded. Yet, it is worth stating that the mathematics of consciousness existed long before religion and mathematics were understood. The truth that creation can be encapsulated into a mathematical formula is not a denial of God, as you define it but should be seen as a support and validation for the consciousness that created it.

The ability to mathematically quantify creation is not a replacement for spiritual beliefs and pursuits but should be seen as a valid school of study for those wishing to understand their existence. The study of the mathematical interaction of consciousness is a sister study to spirituality—and much can be learned from its pursuit—for they are the architect and builder of the universe and together they hold the secrets of the sacred geometry of existence in which your spirit lives.