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Superstitions are a curious anomaly of the human psyche. Though in and of themselves they are powerless; the well-anchored beliefs they attract can and do have an effect and consequence on human behavior.
Superstitions are the beliefs held en masse founded in no viable reason.
They can range from individual to cultural superstitions, but the common […]

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Attitudes as Indicators of Actions

Actions are a direct reflection of your thoughts, and your thoughts are a reflection of your consciousness. Therefore, your actions are a reflection of your consciousness, and the attitude of your action is a projection of your thoughts.
The reason we wish to discuss attitudes as an indicator of actions, rather than your thoughts, is […]

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The Singularity of Consciousness

We have spoken of the innumerable alternate realities that exist which are created by your thoughts and choices. We have also indicated that you are continually moving within them based upon your current thoughts and behaviors since you exist consciously in only one physical reality at a time.

Be it a profound shift or a […]

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Investment and Desire

We would like to offer some clarity over the seeming confusion between the art of uninvestment and humanity’s natural tendencies to have desires.

At first glance, it would seem they are oppositional attitudes and cannot successfully occupy the same mind simultaneously. The reality is that they can be co-existent and can greatly enhance the creative […]

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Choices and Options

Options empower choices. In fact, it is impossible to have choice without them and there is always choice; so there must then be options available at all times. As a result, there is never a dead end in consciousness or a one-way thought that cannot be reversed.

Most who read this concept though have experienced […]

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