We have spoken of the innumerable alternate realities that exist which are created by your thoughts and choices. We have also indicated that you are continually moving within them based upon your current thoughts and behaviors since you exist consciously in only one physical reality at a time.

Be it a profound shift or a subtle move in the venue of your life, the process of movements remain the same. The process is that the reality in which you dwell and the one you desire are in harmonic resonance with each other. What is the connective tissue of conscious between them? The most dramatic leaps in consciousness are made with a single step in thought.

How do you move from your current reality to the one you desire?

There are two elements that must be contained within the creative process to effectively make the shift. The first is to remove any resistance to your current situation, and second, create commonality between where you are and where you wish to be– thus creating an energetic resonance between the two.

Let us explain. As most are aware, we have often instructed our readers that resistance chains you to the focus of your disdain. Therefore, it would hold true if you are wishing to make a reality shift to practice a state of non-investment. The second is built upon the first. With the removal of resistance from your reality, there is room to begin to fill your current reality with the attitudes and actions you seek in the reality shift you desire.

As a result, your realities become vibrationally synchronized, sharing many energetic similarities. When the two become aligned, a singularity of consciousness occurs, and you effortlessly walk into your desired reality.

Generally speaking, this happens regularly and unconsciously for those little shifts, but for the bigger things such as health, relationship, job and the like, it becomes a more evident conscious process.

It is important to identify that being in conscious command of reality shifts in your life takes commitment and participation—the commitment to release your investments and participation in your current reality to create what you desire.

There is an infinite assortment of life experiences to choose from but a leap in consciousness is made by a single step in thought.

You attract the reality you desire by the consciousness you hold and the actions you take, thus inviting it to walk by your side. As a result, you will walk effortlessly into your new reality as one who might walk into another room.