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Embrace your world, embrace your reality, scour every corner for things out of alignment with the One Mind and the One Thought, and love and embrace them into the light. There is no lonliness here. There is no fear here. There is no darkness here. Have no adversary. Inundate and surround and fill those in your reality who are out of alignment with the perfect perception with love. Everything, everyone must work in alignment, in harmony.
To excel to your own level of greatness, to excel to the level of truth in your being one must be in harmony with all things.
Do you understand that your love of yourself is the foothold into the perception of who you are. Look East, West, North, South and you will only see yourself, but yourself is beyond this physical being, this self is the One Mind and the One Thought that fills your being with love.
Paradise is love itself. The concept of good and evil erodes the concept of love of self.
We would wish to give you the universe, but it is already yours. Your body is an anchor to your world, and your planet is an anchor so that you can view […]

June 29th, 2013|Love, The One Mind|

Healing an Ailing Planet

We come to you not in admonishment but rather as children who need to be reminded to care for their parent. The planet, Mother Earth as you have come to call it, has been your nurturer and your parent in your physical journey through this plane of existence. She gives her gifts freely and willingly and asks but one thing in return and that is to honor her.

What does that honoring mean? How does one express honor to a parent. Even your ancient writings speak of that law. A parent holds a place of respect, separate from all others, because of the care, protection, nurturing, source of life they provide for a child’s very existence.
“Do no harm” is the best example of how each of her children can honor Earth.
We understand and, in fact, we have participated with you in the advancements in technology and industry that have benefited humanity and negatively impacted the planet’s resources. Intentional, unintentional, informed and uninformed disregard for the earth and its inhabitants has been evident throughout this phase of humanity’s growth and development.

The “rule of thumb” has been for greed rather than working harmoniously with the planet and its gifts. Be assured for […]

June 18th, 2013|Energy, Physicality|

The Question is the Answer

Perhaps you have heard the statement that if you can ask the question you then already know the answer — the question is the answer. At first glance this could be seen as counterintuitive and begging the question, “Then why ask in the first place?” A redefinition of what a question actually is offers the best place to start to understand this seeming dichotomy. When the act of questioning is seen as a process of comprehension rather than discovery you will understand this truth of consciousness. In actuality, to question is you pointing at the horizon of your awareness asking, “What’s that?”
Therefore, a question is not about the unknown but rather the present yet to be understood in your life.
It is consciousness that creates awareness, and questioning that creates comprehension, of what your consciousness has made you aware of. As a result, discovery is an act of consciousness, while questioning is an invitation to integrate what your consciousness has discovered. A question is a doorway to discovery—not the source of it.
Not to question is to deny the comprehension of what consciousness is creating in your life.
To question is to participate in the creative process of consciousness.
Questioning also creates ownership of […]

June 15th, 2013|Spirituality|

To Know That You Know

To be capable of knowing that you know is to be a participant in the consciousness of creation.
Humanity’s birthright is to be that consciousness in physical form—therefore, God walking in its garden. To be aware that you are aware provides you access to the ultimate expression of consciousness, which is the knowledge of your own existence, conscious that you are conscious and declaring, “I Am.”

To affirm that you “know that you know” is a direct connection to the creative force of consciousness, an unobstructed source to what you desire to create. To know that you know is the irrevocable, immutable and invulnerable catalyst of all creation, and within that circle of consciousness the circuit is complete for creation.
To declare that “I Am” is the acknowledgement of your connection to the creative consciousness of the universe.
To declare that “I Am who I Am” (which is what God said to Moses on the mountain) is to harness that creative force and more importantly, define your own existence—which is the ultimate purpose of the creative process.

Nothing, as mentioned, can intrude upon a consciousness that knows that it knows, which is the source for the dominion granted to humanity. It is in that […]

June 7th, 2013|Empowerment|

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