We come to you not in admonishment but rather as children who need to be reminded to care for their parent. The planet, Mother Earth as you have come to call it, has been your nurturer and your parent in your physical journey through this plane of existence. She gives her gifts freely and willingly and asks but one thing in return and that is to honor her.

What does that honoring mean? How does one express honor to a parent. Even your ancient writings speak of that law. A parent holds a place of respect, separate from all others, because of the care, protection, nurturing, source of life they provide for a child’s very existence.

“Do no harm” is the best example of how each of her children can honor Earth.

We understand and, in fact, we have participated with you in the advancements in technology and industry that have benefited humanity and negatively impacted the planet’s resources. Intentional, unintentional, informed and uninformed disregard for the earth and its inhabitants has been evident throughout this phase of humanity’s growth and development.

The “rule of thumb” has been for greed rather than working harmoniously with the planet and its gifts. Be assured for all the advancement in scientific and technological understanding there are harmonious choices that can be made that benefit humanity and preserve, protect, and defend the resources that the planet so generously gives.

There must be a call upon your planet to its people, industry, and governments to consider the earth and be accountable for their impact upon it.

We have shared with you in the past that humanity is neither a species that is necessary for the planetary environment to survive nor was it an original inhabitant of the planet. We have reminded you that you are guests in the palace of kingdoms and have become unfortunately an unwanted guest at that.

As stated at the beginning of the Communiqués, we are not here to admonish but to call you to arms in defense of your Mother who is ailing. Indeed, as you have seen throughout your media, the earth literally bleeds and is wounded. Humanity has failed to comprehend and participate in the cycle of life upon this planet. Notice how perfectly other species both give and take to provide a continuation of their participation on the planet. Nature is balanced; the inhabitants of the planet participate in an intricate dance of life.

Humanity has become the taker and not the giver.

Indeed, humanity has had some understanding and has made some action forward in readjusting their behaviors in protecting the environment. Yet even that is somewhat an incorrect approach. Humanity sees their resources running low or finite and recycles to hinder the depletion of what they need. For humanity to successfully participate in the ecological environment of earth, they must learn not only to utilize the resources wisely but to come to an understanding of what they can give back for what they have utilized.

You as an invited guest upon this blue-green gem in the universe have the right and the privilege to utilize, to participate in and receive the gifts that are so generously offered. The earth endlessly supplies everything you need for comfort, for health, for your well-being, and if these gifts are in short supply, you are inappropriately utilizing that which is given.

Once humanity understands the cycle of receiving and giving upon the planet, they will be endlessly taken care of and their every need provided for.

We invite you, we earnestly ask you, what can you do today to give back to the planet? What can you do today to heal the injuries inflicted upon it? What can you do today to change your behaviors and actions to live more harmoniously in participation with those who are your brothers and sisters of the planet?

That is your calling. That is your invitation. That is your destiny.