To be capable of knowing that you know is to be a participant in the consciousness of creation.

Humanity’s birthright is to be that consciousness in physical form—therefore, God walking in its garden. To be aware that you are aware provides you access to the ultimate expression of consciousness, which is the knowledge of your own existence, conscious that you are conscious and declaring, “I Am.”

To affirm that you “know that you know” is a direct connection to the creative force of consciousness, an unobstructed source to what you desire to create. To know that you know is the irrevocable, immutable and invulnerable catalyst of all creation, and within that circle of consciousness the circuit is complete for creation.

To declare that “I Am” is the acknowledgement of your connection to the creative consciousness of the universe.

To declare that “I Am who I Am” (which is what God said to Moses on the mountain) is to harness that creative force and more importantly, define your own existence—which is the ultimate purpose of the creative process.

Nothing, as mentioned, can intrude upon a consciousness that knows that it knows, which is the source for the dominion granted to humanity. It is in that knowing that consciousness becomes creative.

“I Am who I Am” is a proclamation that “you know that you know” you, and within that statement lies the three elements of consciousness: the source, the observer and the creation. There are no more sacred words than “I Am who I Am” and no more powerful than the one who “knows that they know.” When combined in consciousness, they are creation. “I am One who knows that I know,” that is the gift of consciousness and the power of creation given to humanity by the source of All That Is—and its name is Existence.

Existence is the co-creative process of consciousness within the universe.

Existence is the result of a consciousness that “knows that it knows;” thus existence is an expression of God, the creative consciousness. Because of that connection in consciousness, existence is inseparable from its source and an expression of it.

To exist is to be one with God. To be one with God is to exist. It cannot be otherwise. “To know that you know” is to share in that consciousness of creation, or perhaps better stated, you share in the consciousness of God.

The creative aspect of divinity is not simply an attribute but an intrinsic element of the nature of consciousness. Consciousness is always creative, by its very definition. Therefore, existence is not only the result of consciousness but the source of it, thus completing the energetic cycle which is expressed as an awareness that “you know that you know.”

Existence is knowing itself.

Creation is an act of self-awareness, and all that you affirm in your life is a defining of yourself, and in that definition, you define your existence for “you know that you know that you know.”