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Healing Hurt

As one travels the road on this plane of existence, they suffer bumps and bruises along the path. At humanity’s current level of the evolutionary process, one can expect there to be upsets and injuries even in the best of circumstances. Now it is true that no one can do something to you and how you choose to respond to someone’s actions, behaviors or attitudes is a choice; yet, we would be remiss if we did not agree that human interactions can be difficult, and that one’s actions profoundly affect another.

So today’s journey into understanding is not so much the metaphysical truth that in essence no one can affect your reality but yourself.
This is an attempt to understand and heal the hurt, betrayal and emotional injury one experiences encountering others in the physical plane of existence.
How does one deal with, heal and move on from emotional injuries inflicted by others? It is important in the process not to be self-condemning, for once you no longer direct your blame, frustration and hurt to another, the negative ego consciousness quickly looks for a new place to impose its lies—and you are an easy target.
There are five steps:
1. Understand your participation.
2. Understand the motivation for […]

August 28th, 2013|Physicality|

Listen and Love the World

The planet speaks to you. What does she say?
If you want to know, listen to the birds singing. Listen to the chirps of crickets, the hum of bees, and cacophony of locusts. Listen to the breezes and winds. There is a voice greater than can be spoken in words. Become a participant and adapt to your rightful place on Mother Earth, and the birds of the air will feed you, the winds will become calm, the ground beneath your feet will become firm because you have become one with All That Is upon this planet.
The awakening of the new energy moving in vibrational waves across Mother Earth.
There is no longer the luxury of being the spoiled, belligerent, selfish children of Mother Earth. We say this not to be critical but with the hope that you would take the opportunity that is being offered to you. All is not lost. Ally yourself with those that seek to better the world. Take action in your own life to be a responsible user of planetary resources. You say, “What can we do? We must drive to work. We must heat our homes.” Unbridled greed and woeful mismanagement were not created in a […]

August 19th, 2013|Empowerment, Love, Physicality|

Intent and Intention

Intent is the elixir of life that lessens the bonds of hardship and anxiety.

Intent is a powerful force of focus. A defining line. That is how God draws straight with crooked lines.

How you control energy is by intent–and that takes no effort at all.

Intention lightens the load. It is the helium of spirit that lifts burdens from your shoulders.

Intention always succeeds. It is the filter of perception. It is always successful when focused upon. Affirmations exist for the sole purpose of focusing one’s intention. What is your intent for the day? The week? Intention is wise, it always instructs you on the highest course and the greatest good. Intention is always balanced. It is the conduit of wisdom. An often overlooked concept because intention is like the wind, hard to define, because it is the medium, intention is the fiber on which the rest is built. Intention is always present, it is not a past dream or a future hope. Intention sanctifies the moment. It declares all things to be in alignment with your goals.
Intention, attention–the concept of focus. Attention is external. We pay attention to what is going on there. Intention is the internal focus.
Hold that, the truth […]

August 12th, 2013|Awakening, Empowerment|

Cosmic Community

Humanity is a communal being. Individuals thrive in the midst of others. Humanity innately desires for union with each other, be it in the marital relationship, the family, with those in their community, and perhaps even allegiance and alignment with their country.

When humanity unites for a common purpose, be it for the better or worse of the collective whole, one plus one is greater than two. There is, indeed a longing, a deep inner desire for that connection with another. It is in that connection that there is support, guidance and teaching.

The individual expands their own self-identify, ironically, when they have a deep awareness and participation in community. Think about those with whom you interact. Those that support you. Those that nurture you. Those that challenge you. Perhaps those who are a catalyst to move you to expand beyond the horizons of your desires.

When one is sad, they often wish to speak to another. When one is happy, one wishes to share it with another. All the positive attributes of humanity are expanded when individuals come together in true community with the sole purpose of the highest good of all involved. It is a reuniting with the consciousness of […]

August 2nd, 2013|Soul|

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