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Healing Hurt

As one travels the road on this plane of existence, they suffer bumps and bruises along the path. At humanity’s current level of the evolutionary process, one can expect there to be upsets and injuries even in the best of circumstances. Now it is true that no one can do something to you and […]

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Listen and Love the World

The planet speaks to you. What does she say?
If you want to know, listen to the birds singing. Listen to the chirps of crickets, the hum of bees, and cacophony of locusts. Listen to the breezes and winds. There is a voice greater than can be spoken in words. Become a participant and adapt […]

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Intent and Intention

Intent is the elixir of life that lessens the bonds of hardship and anxiety.

Intent is a powerful force of focus. A defining line. That is how God draws straight with crooked lines.

How you control energy is by intent–and that takes no effort at all.

Intention lightens the load. It is the helium of spirit that […]

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Cosmic Community

Humanity is a communal being. Individuals thrive in the midst of others. Humanity innately desires for union with each other, be it in the marital relationship, the family, with those in their community, and perhaps even allegiance and alignment with their country.

When humanity unites for a common purpose, be it for the better or […]

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