Intent is the elixir of life that lessens the bonds of hardship and anxiety.

Intent is a powerful force of focus. A defining line. That is how God draws straight with crooked lines.

How you control energy is by intent–and that takes no effort at all.

Intention lightens the load. It is the helium of spirit that lifts burdens from your shoulders.

Intention always succeeds. It is the filter of perception. It is always successful when focused upon. Affirmations exist for the sole purpose of focusing one’s intention. What is your intent for the day? The week? Intention is wise, it always instructs you on the highest course and the greatest good. Intention is always balanced. It is the conduit of wisdom. An often overlooked concept because intention is like the wind, hard to define, because it is the medium, intention is the fiber on which the rest is built. Intention is always present, it is not a past dream or a future hope. Intention sanctifies the moment. It declares all things to be in alignment with your goals.

Intention, attention–the concept of focus. Attention is external. We pay attention to what is going on there. Intention is the internal focus.

Hold that, the truth is really quite easy. You’re learning how to step through the veil. The greatest powers in this plane of existence need no action. There are powers within you that take no energy at all. We want to walk with you to the other side of the veil. We have purposefully chosen the word intention, for that it not commitment, it is a sister of focus. Remember it is all within. You can scramble around in your outside world to bring harmony and balance, only to find the waves of constant change washing your sand castles back into the sea.

Intention is the rock on which your dreams are built.