As one travels the road on this plane of existence, they suffer bumps and bruises along the path. At humanity’s current level of the evolutionary process, one can expect there to be upsets and injuries even in the best of circumstances. Now it is true that no one can do something to you and how you choose to respond to someone’s actions, behaviors or attitudes is a choice; yet, we would be remiss if we did not agree that human interactions can be difficult, and that one’s actions profoundly affect another.

So today’s journey into understanding is not so much the metaphysical truth that in essence no one can affect your reality but yourself.

This is an attempt to understand and heal the hurt, betrayal and emotional injury one experiences encountering others in the physical plane of existence.

How does one deal with, heal and move on from emotional injuries inflicted by others? It is important in the process not to be self-condemning, for once you no longer direct your blame, frustration and hurt to another, the negative ego consciousness quickly looks for a new place to impose its lies—and you are an easy target.

There are five steps:

1. Understand your participation.
2. Understand the motivation for the participation.
3. Re-assume your dominion and authority in your life.
4. Forgive yourself and those involved.
5. Create new behavior based upon a powerful, positive approach built upon dominion and forgiveness.

When you fully understand your participation and motivation, and understand that what you lose or do not lose is why you give your power away to another — you are on a solid foundation for forgiveness and moving forward.

It is always the negative ego consciousness that allows you to participate in negative actions andhealing hurt behaviors. The greatest frustration that individuals experience is that they are afraid they will participate and hurt themselves again in some way. When one understands their motivation and participation they are again free to move forward.

The anger, frustration and hurt that one feels towards another is in direct response to the fear of their vulnerability to that person because of their own negative ego consciousness thoughts that have hindered them from taking care of themselves. That is the process when one is injured in a relationship, be it romantic, friendship, or business.

The responsibility of the individual who is the object of one’s hurt is also a five-step process that dovetails the process of the one who has been injured:

1. It is the responsibility of that individual to understand their participation. How their behaviors consciously or unconsciously would use the vulnerable areas of the other individual.

2. The motivation for them is always control. What was it that they wished to control or feel control of.

3. Dominion, for the individual who is the focus of the source of the injury, dominion has been twisted into dominance.

4. Forgiveness for the one injured, it is surrender for the one who has done the injury.

5. It is the same for both, to project a positive behavior and actions. For this individual though, it is based upon surrender and dominion rather than forgiveness and dominion.

It may seem a little simplistic, but there is great value in that which we have spoken and it is the healing processes and steps for both.

Both participants come from a sense of lack of self-worth and value. The two individuals have come together in the event because of the negative ego consciousness’ ability to attack one’s self-worth and value: one fearful to be in dominion, one fearful to be in dominance; one retreating, one advancing.

healing hurtNow that we have spoken to you and acknowledged the simple human element, we can speak that no one does anything to you. And when one goes through that process they come to understand how they became vulnerable to another.

Now the same five steps of the one injured — understanding their participation, motivation, dominion, forgiveness and the projection — is also your defense system against participating in unwanted negative ego entanglements.

Whenever you participate with another individual, be it in marriage, friendship or business, identify your participation in the interaction.

What has brought about the opportunity?
What are the circumstances that create this potential participation?
What is your motivation to participate?
Is it from a place of dominion or dominance or weakness?

And forgive yourself and those who are participating in the human condition of the negative ego.

Project that the highest possible potential interaction will occur in spite of human frailties. Compassion from a place of dominion is the greatest gift you can give an individual; for it empowers you and uplifts them to a standard that is divine.