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Time in Memorial

As you stand in your present moment in time, history fades out of sight behind you and you march boldly forward toward the future on a distant horizon. When you look back over the past decade, a marriage, a job, it can seem to be just a moment. The time has seemed to fly. […]

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Honor of the Elderly

The elderly, as with every living thing, need to be nurtured, cared for and loved—within such an effort they find their strength. There are studies of children who fail to thrive because of the lack of nurturing. Do you think it is any different for people of all ages, especially the elderly? The natural […]

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Hints and Clues

Hints and clues are offered by the consciousness of creation, not because the truths of existence are purposefully and intentionally being hidden, but rather offered as guideposts and signs on the ultimate exploration of yourself and your existence.

There would be little value to the journey which you undertook eons before if your higher consciousness […]

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Time Eternal

In the infinite understanding of creation, there are no limits, no boundaries to one’s conscious awareness. You have been instructed that time and space do not exist in the realms beyond the physical planes of existence and that all is eternal and all is infinite. As a result, there is but one place where […]

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