Hints and clues are offered by the consciousness of creation, not because the truths of existence are purposefully and intentionally being hidden, but rather offered as guideposts and signs on the ultimate exploration of yourself and your existence.

There would be little value to the journey which you undertook eons before if your higher consciousness self simply imbued you with the eternal knowledge of your existence and being. It is purposeful and intentional, by your choice, to be in physical form in order that physicality might become consciousness. The evolutionary process of existence in physical form is a necessary component of the process for consciousness to be one with physicality.

What is learned is owned by the one who has learned it, innate; unlearned knowledge is accepted as a given.

As a soul, you have always had, do have and will always have unlimited access and awareness to the universal consciousness. The physical aspects of your being, though infused with this knowledge, were unaware of it consciously. So you are both the student and the teacher, that is why you teach what you already know. You are instructing the physical aspect of yourself in the consciousness you are already aware of. It is an intricate dance of internal discussion, discovery and decision.

Hints and clues placed there by your eternal, infinite self are scattered like wild flowers along the woodland path of your life.

Look for the hints that you are leaving for yourself. What clues do you find that are awaiting you? Your spiritual self who has walked this path was acutely aware that your physical self would follow. Just as a scout ahead of an army would leave signposts, your higher conscious being, who has walked the path, has graciously and intentionally left you guidance along the way.

It is not a game although it should be joyous.

You let yourself become just enough aware so as not to steal the journey of discovery that is rightfully yours.

Teaching you the way to consciousness even though you are consciousness. Teaching you the way to divinity even though you are already one with God. Teaching you the way to existence even though you already are. This is the wonderful evolution in which you chose to explore the physical aspects of consciousness.