As you stand in your present moment in time, history fades out of sight behind you and you march boldly forward toward the future on a distant horizon. When you look back over the past decade, a marriage, a job, it can seem to be just a moment. The time has seemed to fly. An anticipated time in the future, a vacation, an anniversary, a holiday can seem to take an eternity to arrive. Yet time ticks on consistently, second by second, minute by minute and hour by hour.

How those never-changing minutes can be perceived differently depends on your perspective.

What is the correlation? What is the connection between these differing perceptions of time? Is there a formula that calculates how you perceive time? In fact, there is and it is quite simple. You can only view time from the present moment. The more you are engaged in the now, the shorter of a period time seems to be. That is why when you are relaxing, playing or watching an enjoyable film, time seems to fly. Ask a child how quickly recess goes and how long a math class seems although they are the same length of time.

So when you look back over your life, you can only see it from the present moment and, therefore, it seems shorter. Time can only be measured by the present moment. When you are disengaged from the moment due to anxiety, stress or fear—or any other negative ego emotion—time seems to stand still and take forever. It is a little glimmer of eternity.

For when you are in the now, time doesn’t matter.

timeTime is an external construct based upon the movement of the universe in which you dwell. And yes, there are days and nights, seasons and years, but they are always perceived by the present moment from the point of view of where you are now. The more present you are, the less time seems to matter. Now is comprised of all mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies focused on the present moment. The now neutralizes time.

The now is present in all seconds on the universal clock of creation. Even the secret to moving through time and its sister, space, is through being in the now or the here.

The now is the doorway to eternity; as the here is the doorway to infinity.

So the concept of time is in direct proportion to the degree you are consciously present in the moment and your participation in it. Life, its activities and behaviors are drudgery when you do not embrace the moment. Embrace the moment no matter what you are experiencing, and you are free from it.

This concept is to open the door of far greater exploration, but suffice it to say we have cracked the door enough for you to peek in and enough for you to consider your participation in the present moment and your present point of existence.