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Surviving or Living?

In life, one often loses sight if they are merely surviving or are they living? As distinct as those two concepts would seem, there are subtleties that allow individuals to be lulled into a passive state of surviving rather than an active state of living. Just because one breathes does not mean they are […]

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Signs and Symbols

Within physical creation there is a shadow image of eternal existence–from the framework of the universe to the intricacies of an atom and from the DNA chain to the spiraling nebula. These are a reflection of the one who created them. These are an indicator of the aspects of consciousness. Just as the artist […]

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The Ebbs and Flows

The ebbs and flows of life, nature and creation are evident. There are peaks of activity and times of rest; there are moments of growth and times of breaking down. This cycle of creation and re-creation is an aspect of existence that permeates all universes and dimensions. It is the heartbeat of the creator […]

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