The ebbs and flows of life, nature and creation are evident. There are peaks of activity and times of rest; there are moments of growth and times of breaking down. This cycle of creation and re-creation is an aspect of existence that permeates all universes and dimensions. It is the heartbeat of the creator and the breath of spirit upon all that exists.

When you are willing to accept and understand this dynamic aspect of your environment and your existence, you will be able to utilize the raw materials that are present to create what you desire, as stated in your holy writings, “There is a time for everything under the sun.”

When you allow yourself to be receptive and open to this pulse of consciousness flowing throughout the universe, you will experience ease and grace in creating that which you desire.

Some religious and theological philosophies call this the will of God. From the human perspective, this cycle can be frustrating especially when you want to create something now, but universally it is not the time. Yet many of you bang your head against the wall of creation in a vain attempt to regulate and manipulate the creative process. Just as you do not plant in the fall, you do not do at night that which needs to be done in the light. That same cycle exists in the creative conscious process of existence. Just as you breathe in and out, the universe, in mini cycles, exhales itself into creation and inhales that which it has created—thus creating the spiral stairs to the consciousness of God.

You are, and all creation is, fluctuating back and forth between the third and fourth dimensions—quantum physics speaks of this—just as in a lifetime there are times when you are awake and times when you are asleep.

It is also true that within your lifetime, you spend an equal amount of time in the third and fourth dimensions. When we speak of awakening, we are speaking of becoming aware of that “sleeping” aspect of yourself that exists simultaneously with your physical expression. We want you to remember your fourth dimensional “dreams.” This resonant vibration is your umbilical cord to consciousness and a necessary component of your physical existence.

The process is to learn to equalize the input of information that your physical consciousness comprehends, to quiet down the physical stimulus and increase the spiritual vibration.

ebbs and flowsThis dynamic is much like looking through the old viewfinders where you are looking at two-dimensional flat pictures and the image takes on a three-dimensional aspect. Existence is holographic and the equalization of these two components of your existence is the viewfinder that assists you to see beyond what you perceive to that which fully exists. You are consciousness in creation co-existing in beingness, each one half of an archway that creates an entrance into a fully conscious creative existence.