In life, one often loses sight if they are merely surviving or are they living? As distinct as those two concepts would seem, there are subtleties that allow individuals to be lulled into a passive state of surviving rather than an active state of living. Just because one breathes does not mean they are alive, for life, in its true essence, is a vibrant expression of Consciousness, an active rather than a passive state. When one is in dominion of their life, their choices are the creator of their reality, and expressive of their choices—they are living. Perhaps not every choice they make may be for their benefit or their highest good, but when one lives one is able to learn.

On the other hand, when one is just surviving they are like a ship tossed and turned in the sea of life’s experience, vulnerable to all that they encounter. Survival demands reacting to one’s environment while living demands one is an active participant. Survival is powerlessness and in opposition and defensive to all that is encounters. While living is vulnerable to nothing, even its miscreations.

How does one determine if they are surviving or living?

Obviously one’s attitude would be an indicator. Is their joy, peace, love in their life? Yet more importantly in the determination is how much is one a participant in their reality, rather than an observer? Are they part of the experience or do they see life as something to be dealt with, maneuvered and manipulated around. Survival leads to depression, alienation and loneliness. Living leads to unity, community, and love. If one is governed by external forces, be it finance, or health or even relationships, they are surviving. When finance, health, relationship are servants and assistants to your existence, you are living.

Much of humanity has alienated themselves from the life experience and has become dis-empowered from it. We invite you to evaluate your life and determine if you are just surviving or are you living the expression of Consciousness that you were called to do?

Life is a gift even in the midst of trials. Life is a great force in the universe. You, as the ambassadors of Consciousness upon this plane of existence, have agreed to participate in and transform all the aspects of physical existence into paradise. Your mastery is the key to this plane of existence and expansion into the next dimension.

runningYes, there are vibratory shifts occurring upon which you, as a surfer, ride the crest of the waves of Consciousness toward the shores of a new reality.

You are called forth now to be conscious and participatory in this plane of existence, emergence into a new day of awareness. Your life makes this plane sacred, and this plane of existence makes you holy.

The call today is to live, to no longer be in conflict with the world in which you live. For when you become one with that which surrounds you, conflict diminishes like smoke upon the wind and you will live. Life is for living, not surviving.

We are not asking you nor have you been called to survive trials, tribulations, challenges. You are being asked to live them and therefore transform them.

Any decision made outside yourself for your existence is surviving. When you make the choice from within you are living. If you are waiting for wealth, health, relationship or resolution of a legal matter, you are simply surviving and dis-empowering yourself. Rather live and declare, create and affirm your health, wealth, relationship and resolution of any and all third dimensional challenges.

If you are waiting or not waiting for something to occur, you have given your power away. Rather hold, see, believe and create the vision of your life. The challenges you experience, whatever they may be are never, cannot be greater than the power within oneself. For when one recognizes they have created the challenges they realize they have the solution for them. You have nothing to survive–everything is created through you by the living experience of consciousness.

Live well and long, and be prosperous.

Perhaps you have heard that before. Perhaps it is has been spoken before to your humanity by a Consciousness of love that surrounds you and all is well in your world. Go live for you have nothing to fear.