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The Portal of Power

There are many definitions and descriptions that seek to explain humanity’s presence upon this earth. Varying philosophies have been presented, numerous theological theses have been offered in an attempt to explain the phenomena called humanity. Each offers a glimpse, an insight, into a complex event that propels the emergence of humanity into physical existence.
Humanity’s consciousness is a portal of power.
It is a powerful, creative force in the physical plane of existence, an open doorway into the fourth dimension, a passageway in which God itself can pass. The advent of humanity’s existence and those of other sentient beings throughout the universe dramatically changed the face of the universe.
For Creation to exist, Consciousness must exist.
For Consciousness to exist, it must be expressed in Creation. It is inevitable and a necessary component of Creation for Consciousness and Creation to merge as one. Therefore, this primordial mixture of Consciousness and Creation must be acknowledged as the primary force and source of existence in the universe.

Each and every human consciousness, every sentient being throughout all the universes expresses this gift. To be consciously aware of oneself is to share in the divine expression of Creation—and is sacred. You are sacred, not only because you hold […]

May 18th, 2010|Consciousness, Spirituality|

Joy and Suffering

Are the joys and the pleasures, the pain and the anxiety of your life by choice or by fate?

Is the path that you travel, the events that you experience and the goals that you do or do not reach in your life predestined by some power beyond yourself?

Those familiar with our words would quickly acknowledge that it is a personal choice. Yet, one’s life experience is fraught with many challenges and events that are not pleasurable and even sorrowful. Why would one choose that if, indeed, choice determines that which you experience. And if ill-equipped to make appropriate choices either by lack of knowledge or skill, it is a cruel imposition by a greater intelligence.
One has come to understand that the physical plane of existence is a challenge and the antiquated concept of sin and damnation is being replaced by the concept of lessons and learnings.
Though, one can feel they are “damned,” feeling caught in an endless cycle of challenges from which they cannot emerge.

Individuals search for information through books, lectures, teachers, and your holy writings to find answers to their questions and an alleviation of their discomfort.
There is a belief that a life without challenge, without suffering, without […]

May 14th, 2010|Physicality, Spirituality|


The concept of healing is utilized on all levels of human expression. It is a goal, a process, and a destination that most of humanity participates in. Seemingly individuals are always in some process of healing, be it physical, emotional, and even spiritual. It is both the goal and the means to reach a state of being that the one who wishes to be healed desires.

As you are well aware, there are myriads of products and processes available to assist the individual in the healing process. Many have come to understand that healing is an internal process rather than an external series of events or actions–such as medicines or counseling or alternative therapies. However, there remains a vast number of people who see those things holding the healing for them.
The process of healing, if one is not cautious, can be abdicated to those in assistance, the doctors, the medicines, the therapist, the teacher or even the preacher.
Psychologically, healing has been understood to be a reaction to discomfort and pain. One does not seek healing until they are experiencing one of these aspects. So then, what is healing? Is it a catalyst? Is it a process? Or is it a goal […]

May 12th, 2010|Physicality, Spirituality|

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