Are the joys and the pleasures, the pain and the anxiety of your life by choice or by fate?

Is the path that you travel, the events that you experience and the goals that you do or do not reach in your life predestined by some power beyond yourself?

Those familiar with our words would quickly acknowledge that it is a personal choice. Yet, one’s life experience is fraught with many challenges and events that are not pleasurable and even sorrowful. Why would one choose that if, indeed, choice determines that which you experience. And if ill-equipped to make appropriate choices either by lack of knowledge or skill, it is a cruel imposition by a greater intelligence.

One has come to understand that the physical plane of existence is a challenge and the antiquated concept of sin and damnation is being replaced by the concept of lessons and learnings.

Though, one can feel they are “damned,” feeling caught in an endless cycle of challenges from which they cannot emerge.

Individuals search for information through books, lectures, teachers, and your holy writings to find answers to their questions and an alleviation of their discomfort.

There is a belief that a life without challenge, without suffering, without pain, is an indication of a spiritually-attained life.

Many of the masters, including Jesus, would have been a failure if that was the measure of spiritual attainment.

joy and sufferingSo what then is the answer? Is humanity condemned to either a life of challenges or tribulations? Is it the luck of the draw if you can maneuver through life’s experiences in avoiding hardships? Be it a belief in divine retribution or in personal responsibility, one feels condemned to a life far less than they are promised.

The answer is that humanity fails to recognize the true power of transformation that they have over their reality. The answer to living a life that is worth the journey is not in one’s skill or abilities to avoid the obstacles of life but rather a deeper attitude of joy and peace, happiness and serenity in the midst of them.

Can one be peaceful in the midst of suffering? Can one be joyful in the midst of loss? Can one be serene in the midst of chaos or happy in the midst of need?

Therein lies the transformative power of your being. When one understands that that which they experience is an aspect of themselves, not the entirety of themselves. Let us explain it this way: when the finger is hurt, does not the rest of the body respond to comfort and protect that injured aspect of yourself. So it is with this plane of existence, it is one aspect of yourself and when it is hurt, it is in pain, all other aspects wish to respond. But the finger can only be comforted if it allows the body to participate.

The natural tendencies of self preservation are more refined than your own spiritual response to injury. The realization that your spiritual being wishes to and can effectively respond to your needs and challenges in the physical plane of existence is an important aspect of understanding how to live a joyous, peaceful, happy and serene life.

Humanity’s failure to recognize themselves as a spiritual being is the obstacle it faces in allowing those other aspects of themselves to assist. So be it physical, financial, emotional, legal challenges–or whatever may ail you—acknowledging and allowing the spiritual self to respond is an important part of healing.

The joyful, peaceful life comes from the spiritual self, its aspects permeate all levels of your being and renders the challenges and struggles of life powerless.

joy and sufferingYou are not only destined to walk on the water or through the fire unscathed, but to be able to walk with grace and ease, well-being and courage through the challenges and tribulations of life’s experiences. Because one has an impact on what they experience in life by their thoughts and choices, one see challenges and tribulations as a failure, as a report card on their spiritual success. That is not true. One will and by the very nature of the physical plane of existence will experience learning but like the stubborn child who will not learn the lessons, they can become more serious if not identified and understood.

Do not judge your life, and do not judge your life upon what you experience but rather how you experience them.

To master all things, you must experience all things and have the opportunity to learn all things. Nothing can be hidden. Nothing held back. Nothing reserved, if you are truly able to call yourselves masters of this physical plane of existence.

You did not come into this plane of existence an orphan for you have a vast spiritual community in the realms of light. You did not come into this plane of existence ill prepared for you bring with you a millennia of experience and knowledge.

There is a musical piece that speaks of seeing through Heaven’s eyes. We invite you to experience your life through your divine eyes. Humanity’s premise of physical existence is faulty. The belief that you were once perfect and failed, and now are punished for that failure and struggling to emerge from your failure like one struggling to pull themselves out of a pit. You, indeed, were perfect. More importantly you have never lost that perfection, yet you agreed to come into this physical plane of existence.

Just as it is written in your holy writings about Jesus and other masters who laid aside their cloak of divinity to become one with this world, so did you.

Just because one walks out into the night does not mean that they are blind. Every struggle, every challenge, every pain, every failure and every success is worth the promise of lifting this plane into the physical consciousness of God.

A mother does not count her suffering or pain for the care of her child, nor should you for the raising of the consciousness of the physical plane of existence into the consciousness of God. We have said it many times before and we will say it again today and in the future, you are the chalice that holds the consciousness of God.

And when you experience the challenges in the plane of existence, do not forget that you are a spiritual being and have the knowledge and abilities provided by that awareness.

You are not punished, you are privileged for all the universe bows to you who are willing to be the consciousness of God in physical form. And we are complete in this concept and we bow to you, honored emissaries of light in this plane of existence.