There are many definitions and descriptions that seek to explain humanity’s presence upon this earth. Varying philosophies have been presented, numerous theological theses have been offered in an attempt to explain the phenomena called humanity. Each offers a glimpse, an insight, into a complex event that propels the emergence of humanity into physical existence.

Humanity’s consciousness is a portal of power.

It is a powerful, creative force in the physical plane of existence, an open doorway into the fourth dimension, a passageway in which God itself can pass. The advent of humanity’s existence and those of other sentient beings throughout the universe dramatically changed the face of the universe.

For Creation to exist, Consciousness must exist.

For Consciousness to exist, it must be expressed in Creation. It is inevitable and a necessary component of Creation for Consciousness and Creation to merge as one. Therefore, this primordial mixture of Consciousness and Creation must be acknowledged as the primary force and source of existence in the universe.

Each and every human consciousness, every sentient being throughout all the universes expresses this gift. To be consciously aware of oneself is to share in the divine expression of Creation—and is sacred. You are sacred, not only because you hold the chalice of Consciousness, but also that you are the expression and the messenger of its existence to all of creation. Your being is the fountain of Consciousness whose waters feed the fertile ground of creation from whence the flowers of awareness bloom. Humanity has a responsibility to be conscious of its thoughts and the manifestations created.

Within humanity’s consciousness lies the greatest power in the universe to create heaven or purgatory.

As you go about your day, remember that you wield a mighty force that can tear down universes or build empires. Do not be like a child handed a weapon that indiscriminately waves and fires it in any direction. You will be responsible as a collective consciousness for the devastation that you create and the debris that needs to be cleaned up. Yet each moment is new. Each moment is fresh and the portal of power within you can mend and heal. Forgive your miscreations.

As humanity approaches the cusp of a new age, the ability to create becomes more immediate and the effects more universal.

So hold precious the gift that you are given for you are invincible. You are all powerful and you are in dominion of your world. Reign well. Love completely. Create consciously. And all is well in your world.