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Paradise is a creation of Consciousness.

For you are eternal beings in an infinite place.

For all that exists there is no end, there is only change.

Paradise is when there is no veil between the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of oneself.

You will hold the light when all the world around you turns dark and you will carry the precious cargo of the embers of the Consciousness of creation into the hands of God.

Hold your focus on the light and let that light radiate out to others.

Affirm that every act that you do is transformed into the purest of energy.

Negativity, a darkness, seeks for the cracks and crevices in your consciousness to seep in. Hold yourself rightly against the darkness.

These are times to hold the light, affirm the light, declare the light. For a candle is not needed in daylight; it is needed at the setting of the sun.

No matter what afflicts you, no matter what ails you, when faced with fears and confusions, declare your power for you are, indeed, powerful.

Cleanse your heart and your mind.

We are not asking you to deny darkness for that would be resistance, but you can acknowledge that only light resides in you and others […]

November 19th, 2010|Spirituality|

Consciousness & Creation

It is your creation, yet all creations when surrendered into the Oneness of All That Is can only assist in returning you to that place of Awareness.

Understand the ascent process is a continuation of the impetus of the universe to return to itself and complete the cycle, and become more than it was when it began.

Somehow humanity has this illusion that they reside here, that they reside in the universe, that it is their host, their home. They are the universe. The universe is as much you as you are with your body. You do not live in the universe, you are the universe.

Challenge yourselves to be courageous enough to choose a different way. Do not hide behind the powerless voice of the negative ego for it steals your joy, your power.

If you go about your day and do not surrender or declare your dominion you must then be content with the reality you have created.

Remind yourselves that nothing is done unto you. You create all things unto yourself and you can choose freely and easily whatever you wish.

And never forget you have the right to give up and you have the right to succeed. But whichever you do, […]

November 16th, 2010|Consciousness, Creation|

The Pursuit

Humanity throughout its existence has been in a perpetual pursuit of desires and hopes. The positive impact of that motivation is that it keeps humanity seeking and striving to expand itself. All areas of human development have been spurred by that desire to reach beyond the horizons of one’s limitations, the boundaries of one’s abilities, and the light of one’s knowledge.

At the same time, one’s pursuits can lead them astray depending on the purpose and the intention of their goals. The focus of one’s desire, the intent of one’s actions, and the thoughts of one’s mind has direct and profound effect on what they manifest and create in their lives.
The anatomy of the concept of pursuit is the combination of one’s desires and actions, and their emotion that propels the attainment of their goals.
In the coming of the new season upon the planet, what one pursues is important in the harvest they reap. One might contend that the seeds of human thought have already been planted and both the wheat and the weeds grow abundantly upon the rich soil of human thought. Indeed, this is truth yet the sun shines on all during the growing season, from the thistle […]

November 2nd, 2010|Enlightenment, Physicality|

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