Paradise is a creation of Consciousness.

For you are eternal beings in an infinite place.

For all that exists there is no end, there is only change.

Paradise is when there is no veil between the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of oneself.

You will hold the light when all the world around you turns dark and you will carry the precious cargo of the embers of the Consciousness of creation into the hands of God.

Hold your focus on the light and let that light radiate out to others.

Affirm that every act that you do is transformed into the purest of energy.

Negativity, a darkness, seeks for the cracks and crevices in your consciousness to seep in. Hold yourself rightly against the darkness.

These are times to hold the light, affirm the light, declare the light. For a candle is not needed in daylight; it is needed at the setting of the sun.

No matter what afflicts you, no matter what ails you, when faced with fears and confusions, declare your power for you are, indeed, powerful.

Cleanse your heart and your mind.

We are not asking you to deny darkness for that would be resistance, but you can acknowledge that only light resides in you and others will be drawn into the glow of your consciousness.