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The Physicality of Consciousness in Creation

We have endeavored throughout numerous concepts to describe and define the interrelationship between consciousness and creation. In the most simplistic of definitions, it is a cause and effect relationship, in truth their interaction is far more dynamic and less one sided. They are interdependent expressions of unique energies, interdependent upon each other for expression.

Consciousness, by its very nature, must create and all creation is conscious, be it the rock, the oak, the bird, the bear or the human. As one unified unit, they express the dynamic relationship between the source and its manifestation.
Creation is the evidence of consciousness; and consciousness is the source of creation.
Consciousness is to creation as the candle is to light. It is the integration of these two aspects that create existence and the possibility of beingness. The power and the prestige of your being is that you possess both aspects, both fully participant in the creation and a partner in the consciousness.

The reason that humanity and those species throughout the universe who express this union of consciousness and creation is not some arbitrary gift or reward; it is by its very nature a necessary component of creative consciousness. When you are able to look at […]

May 31st, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

Co-Conscious Creators

You have often heard the expression “co-creators.” But co-conscious creators, we think, might be a little more unique.

Be it a metaphysical concept, a business decision, a social shift or a community interaction, being a co-creator—a co-participant in the creation of a common desire or goal—is something that is understood. We have even spoken of you being co-creators in the creative process of the universe, the power that emanates from co-creation where individuals join into one common consciousness and action for a common purpose.

Co-consciousness is a little different. Whereas co-creation speaks of that which is being created, co-consciousness speaks of the multiple aspects of self that are participants in the creative process. Through our discussions, we have instructed that you are multi-dimensional beings, expressive on many levels of consciousness. Therefore, it would be logical and, indeed, advantageous to solicit those various aspects of consciousness in the creative process.
The source, the creator, God, is a co-consciousness. It is the multiple aspects of self united in one thought for a creative purpose.
You are well aware that you are on a journey of self-expansion and spiritual awakening. In that evolutionary process of development is the discovery of other aspects of yourself. Upon the […]

May 20th, 2011|Consciousness, Creation|

The Handmaiden

Is your soul the handmaiden to your physical expression?
Or is your physical expression the handmaiden to your soul?

A provocative question, one not to be answered lightly; for, your decision has a profound affect upon how you interact in your life, in your world, and in your spiritual existence.

What is a handmaiden? It was someone assigned to an individual to be of assist to provide ease, comfort, caring and nurturing; to lessen the burdens, to lighten the load, to be pampered and cared for.

We perceive that many of you would quickly surmise that the soul is handmaiden to your physical expression. At the very least, that would offer a sense of security and well-being, a hope for assistance and guidance in what can sometimes be a frightening and confusing world.

In fact, through most of your history and theological beliefs, the soul has been seen as infinite and eternal, yet vulnerable to the miscreations and behaviors of its human counterpart. This perception has caused the soul to be seen as an object to be protected and cared for in order to assure one’s own eternal existence, which means that in some way the soul holds the key. A rather conflictual relationship, […]

May 13th, 2011|Soul|

Unanchoring in Order to Sail the Seas of Consciousness

The present moment is the moment of all power and potentiality. Many philosophies, psychologies, and alternative approaches to healing recognize this.
The only moment you have, or will have, is in the present.
Yet often your focus, and therefore, your conscious awareness, waivers from the firm rock of the present moment with investments in the past or future. The present moment can be a slippery slope for human consciousness to maintain a foothold.

The present moment is a combination of the here and now; it holds many secrets and promises of which the human consciousness is unaware. Within the present moment, the eternal here and the eternal now reside. It is the springboard for possibilities and potentials, the realization of goals and the capturing of dreams when you are willing to unanchor yourself from past circumstances and situations, emotions and beliefs, and future concerns or fears—and even hopes.
The building blocks for the future are found in the present moments of the now.
Yes, you must visualize and affirm what you desire for the future, but you must fully and completely live in the present moment. While planning the future or seeking to release the past, you can often live there—waiting for something to […]

May 6th, 2011|Consciousness, Spirituality|

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