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Infinite Expansion of Consciousness

In the infinite expansion of consciousness, the spiritual pilgrim becomes increasingly aware that the path to enlightenment is not a destination or a goal to be obtained but an evolutionary process to participate in. Nothing in the universe is static, not even consciousness itself. All is dynamic and ever-evolving and changing.
Creation is the celebration of consciousness exploring itself—and so it is with your journey of spiritual awakening and awareness.
The wonderment is that neither you nor consciousness is finite, and the possibilities and the potential for expression of your existence is beyond measure. In the process of spiritual growth and development, the truths of today may be the memories of tomorrow; yet, each and every discovery that you make on the path to enlightenment is an important step on the spiral stairs to the consciousness of All That Is.

To become locked or invested in a certain belief or dogma would be similar to stopping half the way up a staircase and declaring that you have arrived at the next floor. Spiritual truth is enhanced by openness and acceptance and the willingness to adapt and change, not in rigid structure and belief. The dynamic nature of existence and the dynamic nature […]

June 28th, 2012|Awakening, Enlightenment|

Dawn of the Soul

Dawn of the Soul, Visualization Exercise

Breathe deeply into your center, breathe into the core of your being and enkindle the fire of your soul.

Feel the fire within the solar plexus igniting your soul, invigorating your existence. Breathe in deeply allowing spirit to blow upon the coals of your soul and experience consciousness entering from the crown of your head to join with this light. Feel that radiant glow and presence within you, become encompassed in it, surrounded in it and radiating forth to your world.

Find your center place of peace. Draw from that strength, that light; for, it is the true source of being and the only point of existence in this dimension that is truly eternal, infinite and real. It is there that you merge with the physical plane of existence. It is from there that you ascend to the realms.

Go to that place and breathe in that light, allow it to shine out from you and you will see yourself in a new world.

This point of being, this point of power is as real and as evident and as important to your existence as the air that you breathe, the heart that beats in your […]

June 21st, 2012|Enlightenment, Soul|

The Imperative and Importance of Your Presence

Your existence, be it as a spiritual being or as a physical life form upon this planet, is neither arbitrary nor accidental. Your existence has been called forth by divine command, and it is important that you are here and imperative that you are present for the universe to be total and complete.

Your physical expression, your divine nature is a piece of the puzzle that reveals the identity of the creator. There is no excess or frivolity in creation; everything that exists is a necessary part of the whole. Everything and everyone has meaning and measure in the grand scale of events unfolding in your universe.

Love has been defined in many ways. We would like to suggest another:
Love is the ultimate acceptance of the value, uniqueness and importance of every living thing, which in essence includes all of creation.
This definition enhances the concept of God as love; for, the ultimate self-acceptance is the realization of your own importance, uniqueness and value separate from any other influences or factors.

The negative ego consciousness will quickly grab a hold of this concept to cause you to deny that truth which is yours. The negative ego consciousness will declare you selfish, egotistical, self-righteous […]

June 6th, 2012|Love, Physicality|

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