Dawn of the Soul, Visualization Exercise

Breathe deeply into your center, breathe into the core of your being and enkindle the fire of your soul.

Feel the fire within the solar plexus igniting your soul, invigorating your existence. Breathe in deeply allowing spirit to blow upon the coals of your soul and experience consciousness entering from the crown of your head to join with this light. Feel that radiant glow and presence within you, become encompassed in it, surrounded in it and radiating forth to your world.

Find your center place of peace. Draw from that strength, that light; for, it is the true source of being and the only point of existence in this dimension that is truly eternal, infinite and real. It is there that you merge with the physical plane of existence. It is from there that you ascend to the realms.

Go to that place and breathe in that light, allow it to shine out from you and you will see yourself in a new world.

This point of being, this point of power is as real and as evident and as important to your existence as the air that you breathe, the heart that beats in your chest in the coming of the age of consciousness. The new age of consciousness comes not from the mind but from the soul. It is your being. It is the center point of your immortal existence and presence in consciousness that will enlighten your world.

There has been spoken of an eternal dawn that rises in the eastern horizon. Dear ones, that dawn is the rising of your soul from the horizon of your conscious illuminating your world and existence.

If the consciousness of your soul is going to rise above the horizon of your awareness and enlighten your world, you are going to see more, you are going to understand more, and you are going to be able to traverse more easily the world in which you live. Imagine if all you knew was night, and you learned to maneuver through it and you had an image of what your world looked like. And then one morning a glow appears in the eastern sky, and bit by bit your world emerges.

You are drawing into your being that light that gives you a new perspective. You see and will see your world in the light of your soul—that is what the changing of the age is about.