Your existence, be it as a spiritual being or as a physical life form upon this planet, is neither arbitrary nor accidental. Your existence has been called forth by divine command, and it is important that you are here and imperative that you are present for the universe to be total and complete.

Your physical expression, your divine nature is a piece of the puzzle that reveals the identity of the creator. There is no excess or frivolity in creation; everything that exists is a necessary part of the whole. Everything and everyone has meaning and measure in the grand scale of events unfolding in your universe.

Love has been defined in many ways. We would like to suggest another:

Love is the ultimate acceptance of the value, uniqueness and importance of every living thing, which in essence includes all of creation.

This definition enhances the concept of God as love; for, the ultimate self-acceptance is the realization of your own importance, uniqueness and value separate from any other influences or factors.

The negative ego consciousness will quickly grab a hold of this concept to cause you to deny that truth which is yours. The negative ego consciousness will declare you selfish, egotistical, self-righteous and self-aggrandizing; whereas in truth, the definition that we declare is one of humility, service and willingness.

It is in this spirit that you come to recognize your value, and as a result, you can be confident, capable and courageous in your journey through life.