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Introspection of an Awakening Mind

Perhaps the most ignored, yet profound fact, is that you exist. If you are reading these words you “are.” Yet who you are? We hear a litany of names and life roles being uttered; yet, we have asked, “Who are you?”

In some ways, existence is seen, should we say, as so commonplace that humanity does not question it. Try looking behind the eyes that read these words and, therefore, the mind that comprehends them. Are you defined by that? And what is that? Can you stand back from your own awareness and observe yourself? And if so, then who is observing? Is it not you?

Therefore, is it possible to escape first person perspective? Do you ever comprehend yourself from outside yourself or are we just talking mind games? How can you know yourself if you can never observe yourself? Is third person observation possible?

In the physical world, humanity depends on feedback from others. But what we are asking is: can you observe yourself from a third person point of view? All else in your reality is seen from that perspective except yourself.

So we ask you, should you, or why would you want to observe yourself from outside of yourself? We […]

October 17th, 2012|Consciousness, Enlightenment|

Reach for the Stars But Use a Ladder

Stars have been from humanity’s first glance into the heavens a source of mystery, inspiration, guidance and hope. Futures are predicted by their movement, ages announced and ships sail the seas relying on their position.

The stars are an expression of the universe and have a hold over the imagination of humanity, inspiring them “to wish upon a star” or “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket and save it for a rainy day.” The heavens are a glimpse of something greater than humanity, yet, some thing they are a part of.

Upon the tablet of the night sky is written omens of disaster, prophecies of saviors and the mythological gods of old imprinted upon the dark blue velvet canvas of the heavens.

A common metaphor for humanity to set goals high is “to reach for the stars.” Perhaps you have used this yourself. Recall a goal you have sought to reach, perhaps a better job, additional education, more money, maybe to write that book or start a business of your own. Each night you figuratively “reach for the stars” your thoughts imagining the fruition of your dreams. You stretch the reach of your grasp by faithfully holding onto […]

October 10th, 2012|Empowerment, Spirituality|

The Game of Life

We are aware that the very title of this concept may offend some. The idea that life can be equated to a game can be seen as diminishing its value and minimizing the human experience, a cheapening of its purpose. Nothing could be further from our intent.

Yet, let us look at how humanity views playing games. Games are generally seen as optional activities with no ultimate intrinsic value, often a fantasy reality offering no lasting value to the human experience. That is a pretty heavy judgment of games to contend with. Simply stated, games are not a necessary component for life; yet, we hold to our statement that life is a game.

So, what do games offer that is positive? They provide recreation and an opportunity to develop skills and abilities. They provide enjoyment and yes, hopefully, healthy competition and, in some cases, team work. Winning is, of course, a nice side benefit. Can we squeeze the concept of life into this narrow box, no pun intended?
Let’s look at it this way. Is life a game the soul plays?
“What?!” you may shout, “Life is too hard, too serious, too important, too valuable to be a flippant activity of the soul!” […]

October 3rd, 2012|Physicality, Soul|

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