Suffering & Challenges

Each of you have the opportunity to observe great human suffering. To understand it, it must be viewed from a perspective that transcends the physical plane of existence. The physical plane seems to offer little security and hope to explain away human suffering. Challenges, be they physical, emotional or perhaps financial, need not be hard nor difficult, if viewed simply as opportunities to direct you to the power you command in your life.

What do these opportunities offer? You do not need to lose your home or your vehicle or your possessions, and even if you did, what would it matter? Look for the opportunities in the midst of challenges; do not allow the common mind, the less than divine, to persuade your thinking and create fear. Hold to your truth; hold to the moment; hold to the belief in what you do. Let nothing shake your peace.

Dear ones, this is your training ground, for if you do not tame “the dragon” of the negative ego, how can you be of assistance to another in pain. You are greater than that which is within you, far more powerful than any and all things manifest in the physical form. We wish for you to […]

March 18th, 2015|Empowerment|

Abundance vs Greed

The concept of the pursuit of treasure is a long-standing philosophy embedded deeply in the minds of humanity. Everyone is waiting for their ship to come in, to obtain their inheritance, win the lottery.

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with the desire for abundance. Note that we did not say finance or wealth. Abundance is provided in many ways. It comes through all the aspects and energies of physical existence. It permeates the subtlety of your daily living and fills your cups of desire with generous portions of your wishes.

Yet humanity struggles in obtaining that which they already have, all the abundance they need. As a result, greed and avarice are born. The difference between greed and the honest desire for abundance is very subtle. But its consequences are profoundly different.

Abundance is the acknowledgement, the participation and the confidence that there is an eternal flow of everything you need.

Greed is born of the belief that there is a limited amount of abundance available, and because of that fear, flow is limited. The result is that the more you seek to attain, the more you lose. Although while firmly grounded in the concept of abundance, you are unafraid for when you pass […]

September 22nd, 2014|Awakening, Empowerment, Spirituality|

Times of Great Power

These times are times of great power and volatility. More than ever before one has a responsibility to keep their focus towards their desired goals and ends. That is not something to be afraid of; yet, something to be aware of in order that you might more fully participate and be responsible for your creations through respect and understanding of the creative force within you.

More and more individuals feel victimized which we find curious in a time when victimization has no place. More than ever before there is the information, the insight and the understanding available to take responsibility for your reality.
The creative forces of your psyche are more exposed and available than ever before in human history.
We have spoken to you of the rising of the energy upon this planet. You have read various speculations and accounts of what that transition would look like. We have spoken to you of the countdown. We have discussed with you the spiritual attributes of this shift and the change in consciousness–but what does that mean?
What is occurring as your very physical body is being inundated with a higher vibrational frequency?
You know what happens when someone is inundated with radiation. You are […]

June 19th, 2014|Empowerment, Energy|

Balance and Non-Resistance

What is the state of Beingness that is most conducive, receptive and open to the realms of the angels? Balance is the fruit of a mind at peace. It is the result of one who knows that they are in true dominion and authority. Balance is the mother of peace. Think about that. For a state of peacefulness, there must be balance, the lack of resistance. Though our brother never truly said the words in the manner written on the night before his death, he spoke to his disciples and stated, “My peace I give to you. A peace the world does not give to you.” Though not totally, historically accurate, it is an invaluable statement of balance and non-resistance. The mother of non-resistance is balance, and it is trust that begets balance. Think of that which we have spoken.
Trust creates balance.
Balance begets non-resistance.
Non-resistance begets peace.
If one is having difficulty with balance, they need to look at their trust issues.

If one is having difficulty with resistance, or the lack thereof, one needs to look at their issues of balance.

If one is having difficulty with peace, one needs to look at that which they are resisting.
You see, trust is begotten […]

January 29th, 2014|Empowerment|


Throughout history it has been a common practice for those seeking spiritual attainment to experience an initiation. At first appearance it might seem to be a test, perhaps a cruel one, eliciting fear, anxiety, and despair on the part of the participants. In reality, the challenges and test for this initiation are devised by the initiate themselves through their own thoughts and beliefs.

Spiritual attainment, by its very nature, must be free from all outside influences and effects that could hinder one’s spiritual nature.
It is one’s own fear, abdication and powerlessness that feeds the tests and temptations that one must face through the initiation process.
The initiation is when one is stripped from all outward appearances of the ego consciousness. Nothing in their world can save them and even their senses fail. It is in this place of void, stripped naked to the soul, that one must rely completely and totally on their own spiritual identity. It is in this place that one is empowered. You are a light unto your own path. The initiation does not need to be painful or devastating but it will have elements of despair until one reaches out, like Adam in the Sistine Chapel or the phoenix […]

October 13th, 2013|Empowerment, Enlightenment|

Listen and Love the World

The planet speaks to you. What does she say?
If you want to know, listen to the birds singing. Listen to the chirps of crickets, the hum of bees, and cacophony of locusts. Listen to the breezes and winds. There is a voice greater than can be spoken in words. Become a participant and adapt to your rightful place on Mother Earth, and the birds of the air will feed you, the winds will become calm, the ground beneath your feet will become firm because you have become one with All That Is upon this planet.
The awakening of the new energy moving in vibrational waves across Mother Earth.
There is no longer the luxury of being the spoiled, belligerent, selfish children of Mother Earth. We say this not to be critical but with the hope that you would take the opportunity that is being offered to you. All is not lost. Ally yourself with those that seek to better the world. Take action in your own life to be a responsible user of planetary resources. You say, “What can we do? We must drive to work. We must heat our homes.” Unbridled greed and woeful mismanagement were not created in a […]

August 19th, 2013|Empowerment, Love, Physicality|

Intent and Intention

Intent is the elixir of life that lessens the bonds of hardship and anxiety.

Intent is a powerful force of focus. A defining line. That is how God draws straight with crooked lines.

How you control energy is by intent–and that takes no effort at all.

Intention lightens the load. It is the helium of spirit that lifts burdens from your shoulders.

Intention always succeeds. It is the filter of perception. It is always successful when focused upon. Affirmations exist for the sole purpose of focusing one’s intention. What is your intent for the day? The week? Intention is wise, it always instructs you on the highest course and the greatest good. Intention is always balanced. It is the conduit of wisdom. An often overlooked concept because intention is like the wind, hard to define, because it is the medium, intention is the fiber on which the rest is built. Intention is always present, it is not a past dream or a future hope. Intention sanctifies the moment. It declares all things to be in alignment with your goals.
Intention, attention–the concept of focus. Attention is external. We pay attention to what is going on there. Intention is the internal focus.
Hold that, the truth […]

August 12th, 2013|Awakening, Empowerment|

To Know That You Know

To be capable of knowing that you know is to be a participant in the consciousness of creation.
Humanity’s birthright is to be that consciousness in physical form—therefore, God walking in its garden. To be aware that you are aware provides you access to the ultimate expression of consciousness, which is the knowledge of your own existence, conscious that you are conscious and declaring, “I Am.”

To affirm that you “know that you know” is a direct connection to the creative force of consciousness, an unobstructed source to what you desire to create. To know that you know is the irrevocable, immutable and invulnerable catalyst of all creation, and within that circle of consciousness the circuit is complete for creation.
To declare that “I Am” is the acknowledgement of your connection to the creative consciousness of the universe.
To declare that “I Am who I Am” (which is what God said to Moses on the mountain) is to harness that creative force and more importantly, define your own existence—which is the ultimate purpose of the creative process.

Nothing, as mentioned, can intrude upon a consciousness that knows that it knows, which is the source for the dominion granted to humanity. It is in that […]

June 7th, 2013|Empowerment|


Superstitions are a curious anomaly of the human psyche. Though in and of themselves they are powerless; the well-anchored beliefs they attract can and do have an effect and consequence on human behavior.
Superstitions are the beliefs held en masse founded in no viable reason.
They can range from individual to cultural superstitions, but the common factor in all superstitions is fear—fear if you do or do not do this or that then this will or will not occur. All humanity is superstitious to some degree and even some religious and spiritual practices are more superstition than theology.

To understand superstition is to accept it as a displaced belief system. It has become powerful because it has a cumulative effect on those who have chosen to participate. The greater the belief system the more likely the believers will create the actualization of the superstition—thus reinforcing the validity of the belief. Though a negative mental process, it is a great illustration of the power of collective consciousness.
Behaviors and attitudes associated with a superstition have no power.
It is the belief in them that carries the creative catalyst.
Superstition can only become effective when people abdicate their power and allow themselves to become vulnerable to outside […]

May 29th, 2013|Empowerment|

Reach for the Stars But Use a Ladder

Stars have been from humanity’s first glance into the heavens a source of mystery, inspiration, guidance and hope. Futures are predicted by their movement, ages announced and ships sail the seas relying on their position.

The stars are an expression of the universe and have a hold over the imagination of humanity, inspiring them “to wish upon a star” or “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket and save it for a rainy day.” The heavens are a glimpse of something greater than humanity, yet, some thing they are a part of.

Upon the tablet of the night sky is written omens of disaster, prophecies of saviors and the mythological gods of old imprinted upon the dark blue velvet canvas of the heavens.

A common metaphor for humanity to set goals high is “to reach for the stars.” Perhaps you have used this yourself. Recall a goal you have sought to reach, perhaps a better job, additional education, more money, maybe to write that book or start a business of your own. Each night you figuratively “reach for the stars” your thoughts imagining the fruition of your dreams. You stretch the reach of your grasp by faithfully holding onto […]

October 10th, 2012|Empowerment, Spirituality|

Message of Mastery

 The master is one who not only points the way but walks the path.
The master does not define the destiny to be reached but rather shows the means for individuals to reach their own destiny.
The master is an expression, a reflection of consciousness itself. Consciousness’ power is in those who behold it; for, consciousness is the servant to all that it created. The master’s message is not of his or herself; for, consciousness does not declare itself in dominance or boastfully declares its prize. Rather it is a validation of the truth; for, those who experience the master’s presence and words.
The master’s message is one of holding a mirror in order that those who look might see themselves. The master understands that in attainment he or she is granted the privilege and the gift to show others the way. The message of the master being attainment is a promise to all and a hope for the ultimate enlightenment of one’s own mind.
The message of the master is to be that which they desire to achieve in order that those who observe might know their own way. The true message of the master is that when you look upon one, […]

September 26th, 2012|Awakening, Empowerment|

Power in the Pursuit of the Path of Your Soul

Be open, willing, attuned and attentive and you will harness a great force and power in your life that overcomes obstacles, defeats adversaries and soothes the pursuit of the path of your soul. Everything you do, dedicate to the path of your soul, no matter how seemingly trivial. There are no saviors in the universe, there need be none, other than the savior of your own consciousness and its willingness to participate in the path of your soul.
There is no greater power given unto a solitary soul than when it is willing, able and ready to return to the universe, the source, the godhead, the gifts that it promised to bring.
Nothing can stand in the way of the earnest desire and dedication to bring creation back to the source. The cycle of Consciousness, the ever-expanding spiral of awareness is a force greater than that which fuels the universe in its movement through creation. When one humbly, reverently and earnestly is desirous to be a participant in the ascent of Consciousness, where the creation returns to the creator, there is no force in all of existence, including the source itself, that can hinder you from the mind of God.

Be of great […]

October 4th, 2010|Empowerment, Soul|

Seasons of the Universe

With the emergence of the changing of the age, it is valuable to understand that the “boundaries and horizons” between the dimensions is thinning or, perhaps a better analogy, evaporating.

As we have indicated in past discussions on this topic, the process that humanity is in and the events that are about to occur are not to be seen as some prediction of doom or gloom, catastrophic events or, even worse, the end of the world. There is no end to the physical plane of existence–only a change, an advancement of moving forward.

Consciousness is like the waves on the sea, each marching forward towards the shore. Each having their moment, then to be followed by another wave. So it is with Consciousness, not only does the physical universe pulse with the heartbeat of creation, so does Consciousness.

The emergence of the New Age is not to be seen as the year 2000 or a Y2K. Throughout history there have been predictions in human terms and human time to events or shifts that would occur. What we are speaking of is universal time and when one allows themselves to align to the natural ebbs and flows of energy and Consciousness in the […]

September 21st, 2010|Awakening, Empowerment, Metaphysical, Spirituality, Universe|

Believing is Seeing

We have spoken to you of the temporal and special shifts that are and will occur in the changing of the age. Time and space begin to contract into one point of awareness and being.

Each and every age is one more step up the ladder in the awakening process and the return in conscious awareness to the Source which has created it.

What we have not spoken of are the physical senses and how they are affected by this dynamic and indeed radical shift in consciousness. Unlike some religious teachings and philosophies, the body is not a hindrance or obstacle to spiritual attainment. Why would the creative force create less than an efficient vehicle to propel the consciousness contained within it to the consciousness of All That Is?
With that said, it is important to investigate the shifts in sensory perception that are beginning to occur as the cusp of this new energetic field transcends around the planet.
What are senses? What do senses provide? How are senses utilized and interpreted? In the most basic of observation, senses provide you a mechanism in which to maneuver through your environment, to find food, to protect you from harm. The senses, the five senses, […]

July 13th, 2010|All That Is, Empowerment, Spirituality|

Haiti in Perspective

We are indeed aware of the turbulent and catastrophic outcome from earth’s changes. Indeed, the energetic vibrations upon the planet are shifting, creating unique, unseen, immensely powerful forces, be it upon the spiritual nature of humanity, upon the human psyche, or upon the very planet on which you stand.
Whenever any catastrophic event occurs, just as the earthquakes radiate out in concentric circles of waves of energy, the same occurs emotionally, energetically and psychically.
Even before modern communication catastrophic events were felt across the planet. With the emergence of virtually instantaneously reporting of events, the effects of that which we have spoken have only increased because now the conscious level of the mind also participates in the event. Vivid images and sounds are added to the already vibrational disruption that has occurred because of the event.

What this event represents for humanity is an open book test, an opportunity to observe the planetary responses, the individual reactions to a catastrophic event—both the good and the bad. Where the best of humanity is brought forth and the worst, those moments of heroism and cowardice, of courage and confusion. The recent events, Katrina, the Indonesian Tsunami and this event are indicators not only of […]

January 18th, 2010|All That Is, Empowerment, Love, Metaphysical, Spirituality|

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