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The Task and Path of the Soul

We have addressed in past concepts the topic of the path and the task of the soul. We would like to continue our discussion to, perhaps, clarify and deepen your understanding of the importance of these aspects of your life.
We realize for many reading these words the idea of a soul path or a soul task is a foreign concept. Probably the best place to start is to state that the existence of a path and task of the soul supercede any religious constructs or belief systems. They are attributes of the soul and inseparable from it. They are the intentional interaction of the soul in existence and the sole purpose for its individual expression. The path and the task of the soul transcend physical existence. They are an eternal construct that is interactive and dynamic in all dimensions of existence. The task and path of the soul is the soul’s gift back to the source of its existence. They are chosen by the soul and are imprinted in all of its expressions.

How then do these two dynamic aspects of your soul translate into physical form?
First, a definition in human terms of the task and path of the soul: […]

January 28th, 2013|Soul|


Let us speak of the purpose, power and potential of words. All humanity uses words. We use words to communicate with you. Words can create nations or destroy lives, build up or tear down, inspire or devastate. Therefore, words have power, and their intent is defined by the one speaking them.
What are words and from where do they get their source of power?
From a utilitarian perspective, words are an expression of thought to communicate with another. Now part of the issue with humanity’s utilization of words is that they may not be an accurate expression of what is being said or conveyed, i.e. a lie.
Words are filtered through the conscious mind and are, therefore, subject to all of its influences. But their misuse does not diminish their power–perhaps, empowering something the speaker does not wish to create. “To create?” We must then be implying that words are by their nature a creative force. We believe you have ample evidence in your own life that this is true.
Now, this brings us back to our initial question of where do words get their power? Let us start with a sobering thought that every word ever spoken forever resides in the archives […]

January 16th, 2013|Enlightenment|

Spoken Prayers, Silent Answers

We are well aware that a majority of humanity, in one form or another, prays. The format and beliefs may differ, but the intent and purpose are the same—that of connection and communication with the divine.
Requests are as varied as the consciousnesses of those praying.
Prayers of petition are one of the primary forms, requests ranging from blessings to curses are heard around the globe—some seem to be heard, others overlooked. Is it the luck of the draw that determines which requests the divine grants? Or are only the prayers of the most devout heard? The result leaves the petitioner with an uncomfortable feeling toward the value or availability of the divine to grant their requests.

To understand the dynamic of the prayer of petition, you must first dismiss the anthropomorphic image of the divine with its human traits and decision-making processes. Secondly, accept that you alone hold the key to the door through which all prayers are answered. We understand that the negative ego would quickly grab that concept and point its judgmental finger accusingly at your failure to receive God’s gifts.  That is not what this statement means; rather, it indicates that the sentry at the door to divine […]

January 9th, 2013|Consciousness|

Experience the Experience

Experiences are the outcome of the creative process of the mind. They are born from your thoughts and are living consciousness. They are not just events happening to you or circumstances and situations you interact with. They are infused with the lifeblood of the power of your mind and are conceived of your thoughts. Therefore, they are not random occurrences but deliberate creations. Some readers may say that we have spoken of how your thoughts create your reality, and that is true. But in this concept, we wish to speak of the specifics that make up that reality—your experiences.

Most of humanity go through a day simply responding and reacting to what is encountered, dealing with what they have been dealt on a daily basis, often paying little attention to what they experience and not able to recall most events of the day. As a result, they live in a relatively unconscious state, oblivious to their lives and vulnerable rather than in command.

An appropriate analogy might be like driving a car without paying attention to the road. They miss out on opportunities to determine courses of action that are in alignment with their goals and thoughtful responses to their daily […]

January 4th, 2013|Physicality|

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