We have addressed in past concepts the topic of the path and the task of the soul. We would like to continue our discussion to, perhaps, clarify and deepen your understanding of the importance of these aspects of your life.

We realize for many reading these words the idea of a soul path or a soul task is a foreign concept. Probably the best place to start is to state that the existence of a path and task of the soul supercede any religious constructs or belief systems. They are attributes of the soul and inseparable from it. They are the intentional interaction of the soul in existence and the sole purpose for its individual expression. The path and the task of the soul transcend physical existence. They are an eternal construct that is interactive and dynamic in all dimensions of existence. The task and path of the soul is the soul’s gift back to the source of its existence. They are chosen by the soul and are imprinted in all of its expressions.

How then do these two dynamic aspects of your soul translate into physical form?

First, a definition in human terms of the task and path of the soul: the task of the soul is what you bring to the world to assist; the path of the soul is what you have chosen to experience for learning.

Each individual has a soul task that is unique, and they bring a divine gift to the world in their own way. No one else can do it for you or like you. If you don’t do it, it does not get done. Though the task of the soul is the same in all lifetimes, your unique experiences, skills and personality offer a different expression of it each time you live.

How do you determine your task?

Some examples may be helpful: teacher, catalyst, healer, tiller, prophet, protector, guide and peacemaker are but a few. And yes, these are general categories in which many individuals’ tasks may fall. But a reminder, your task is yours and is unique to you.

As mentioned, the task of the soul is imprinted upon it. Therefore, it must be an innate part of you. If you have chosen a task, you will be given the abilities to perform it. You will have an inner longing to do something, a natural talent for it and when you experience doing it in your life it gives you joy. Doing the activity makes your heart dance and your soul sing. Its accomplishment fills you. You would wish to do it all the time. You become complete.

At this point, the task of your soul may be evident. If not, give yourself permission to experience it. It will make itself known. Do not confuse career with task; yet, when they coincide it is wondrous.

Do not try to separate yourself from life to perform it. The task is part of it and is not dependent on individual life circumstances to be accomplished.

Most important of all, soul tasks are equal, be you teaching ten or ten thousand or healing the sick or kissing your child’s cut “to make it better.” Status and station are meaningless in relationship to the task of the soul.

How you choose to accomplish your task is up to you, but be assured you will have the time, talent and tools to fulfill it. When one seeks to fulfill their task, life falls into alignment and the way is made clear; for, there is no force in existence that can stand in the way of one committed to the task of their soul.

What of the path of the soul?

We have indicated that the soul expresses to serve creation by its task but it also comes to learn–and that is its path. Now that is not predestination but choice on a soul level, and like the task of the soul, how you choose to experience it is a personal choice. It is worth noting that though learning is mandatory, pain is optional. So perhaps if life is difficult, you may want to explore what opportunities for learning are being presented and are you taking advantage of the situation to learn?

The path of the soul can include many things, but when facing challenges in your life, seek the inner purpose and discover the transformative power within you to master it. Like the task of the soul, you will be given everything you need to walk your path confidently, courageously and with grace.

The task and the path of the soul are intrinsic aspects of your physical existence.

Your understanding, acceptance and participation in them will transform your life into a journey of understanding, an existence of peace and an expression of love.