We are well aware that a majority of humanity, in one form or another, prays. The format and beliefs may differ, but the intent and purpose are the same—that of connection and communication with the divine.

Requests are as varied as the consciousnesses of those praying.

Prayers of petition are one of the primary forms, requests ranging from blessings to curses are heard around the globe—some seem to be heard, others overlooked. Is it the luck of the draw that determines which requests the divine grants? Or are only the prayers of the most devout heard? The result leaves the petitioner with an uncomfortable feeling toward the value or availability of the divine to grant their requests.

To understand the dynamic of the prayer of petition, you must first dismiss the anthropomorphic image of the divine with its human traits and decision-making processes. Secondly, accept that you alone hold the key to the door through which all prayers are answered. We understand that the negative ego would quickly grab that concept and point its judgmental finger accusingly at your failure to receive God’s gifts.  That is not what this statement means; rather, it indicates that the sentry at the door to divine acceptance is your soul which always makes decisions for your highest good.

The creative consciousness responds to and answers all prayers. No exceptions.

No matter what the request, the answer will be given in a way that will benefit your well-being. Within every prayer of petition is the seed of understanding and potentiality of consciousness. Within the request lies the answer in alignment with your conscious awareness. “No” is not an option for consciousness, and silence to a prayer does not occur. But if your prayer is seen as going unheard, look in your reality, not for its fulfillment but the path to it.

The creative consciousness of the universe is not co-dependent with its children but recognizes them for who they are—creators.

Yes, prayers of petition are appropriate but let them be a means to empower yourself to your own end. God is not a vending machine but a creative source of all things in which you share. Pray for the knowledge and the wisdom to access the creative powers in your life.

Let your prayers of petition be a co-creative process of participation between yourself and divine consciousness; for, when you accept that you are a participant in your prayers, every spoken prayer’s answer will be heard clearly in your life.