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The Magic

We would wish for you  to see the magic in your life. Our desire is for you to see the miracles. In that manner you will find the joy that you seek. Shamelessly, deliberately, intentionally become children. If you wish to live your life in grace and ease, in peace, joy, abundance, and love, one must identify, acknowledge and desire that the Source is an ever-flowing fount of goodness and love, meeting every supply and need beyond the illusions.
Do not look for the world in God. Look for God in the world.
Everything you experience and the reality in which you feel it, be it joy or sadness, abundance or lack, happiness or sorrow, are all degrees of the presence of God. Let us explain this way, without the presence of God, there would be nothing, you would not exist. If it is 15 degree below outside, it is perceived as cold; yet, it is still a measure of heat, it is warmer than a 100 below zero. So it is with God. Lack in any form, be it abundance, success, health or love, is a degree to which you receive those things. Lack of something does not mean its absence, only a […]

December 26th, 2013|Enlightenment|

The Pinnacle

When one reaches the Pinnacle of Consciousness, they experience their wisdom and knowledge expand. When you reach that pinnacle, the physical journey and the expenditure of energy ceases—and you rest. The pinnacle is to see all things in alignment in your life for the accomplishment of the goals that you have chosen and the path of the soul that you have identified since the beginning of time. When you reach the pinnacle, it is easier to go down into the world bringing with you what you have learned from this higher perspective.

The pinnacle is not perfection; the pinnacle is the power to be in dominion of all things in your life. Like the sleeping bear in the cave of consciousness, you awake after a winter of isolation and awaken to the spring of renewal and light. That is the pinnacle when the road ahead is trust. When time, focus and intent have won over distraction, frustration and disappointment. The day will come when you will look back and see the perfect path that has led you to the perfect expression of the path of your soul. You have survived. You have rendezvoused with yourself and moved through this process together, sometimes friends, sometimes adversaries. You […]

December 23rd, 2013|Metaphysical, Physicality|

Children of Consciousness

Perhaps when you hear the term, Children of Consciousness, you think of yourself and those about you. Rather the Children of Consciousness are your thoughts. You have bore them from the union of your mind and your emotions. The Children of Consciousness are often conceived by unconscious desires and intents, beliefs and ideas, memories and concepts that drive your lives in certain directions. You would not get behind the wheel of a car with your eyes closed and drive. Do not get behind the wheel of your life and drive blindly through your reality.
The Children of your Consciousness are your thoughts.
You have bore them. You have nurtured them for them to survive. So be it a well behaved child or a bad seed, you must take responsibility. And as one might parent a child, one must parent their thoughts by discipline, patience and love. It is easy to love the well behaved child, it is far more difficult to do the same for the undisciplined and unruly child. Yet so often that is that child who needs the attention, who needs the time, who needs the understanding, who needs the forgiveness.

Thoughts are like light. They do not manifest until they […]

December 14th, 2013|Metaphysical, Spirituality|

The Perfect Prayer

We have spoken to you of the One Mind and the One Thought and the One Soul as it pertains to Consciousness, the creative potential, the place of intuition and insight through observation and manifestation. We have spoken of acknowledgment, surrender and dominion. Those concepts are also the key elements of prayer.
Prayer is a communication and a connection to consciousness, one is always praying.
You pray to the masters of light, you pray to the masters of darkness depending on the focus of your mind.

For consciousness is Consciousness and we invite you to pray. Prayer has been misinterpreted, agonized over, liturgically formatted. One prayer is repetitious, one is formal, others are fluid, some pray to the heavens, some pray to the earth, some pray to a mother, some pray to a father, some ask for forgiveness, some know there is nothing to be forgiven.

Prayer is an illusive concept to humanity, but universally it is recognized as a communication with the divine; therefore, how does one communicate with consciousness? Consciousness is the measure of its own truth; for prayer, is always occurring as long as one is conscious and one is always conscious even if not in this dimension. To whom […]

December 5th, 2013|Metaphysical, Spirituality|

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