We have spoken to you of the One Mind and the One Thought and the One Soul as it pertains to Consciousness, the creative potential, the place of intuition and insight through observation and manifestation. We have spoken of acknowledgment, surrender and dominion. Those concepts are also the key elements of prayer.

Prayer is a communication and a connection to consciousness, one is always praying.

You pray to the masters of light, you pray to the masters of darkness depending on the focus of your mind.

For consciousness is Consciousness and we invite you to pray. Prayer has been misinterpreted, agonized over, liturgically formatted. One prayer is repetitious, one is formal, others are fluid, some pray to the heavens, some pray to the earth, some pray to a mother, some pray to a father, some ask for forgiveness, some know there is nothing to be forgiven.

Prayer is an illusive concept to humanity, but universally it is recognized as a communication with the divine; therefore, how does one communicate with consciousness? Consciousness is the measure of its own truth; for prayer, is always occurring as long as one is conscious and one is always conscious even if not in this dimension. To whom does one pray and who is praying if you are the one being prayed to? Prayer is the dynamic that occurs in the interaction between the three elements of consciousness. Think about any prayer. It is the recognition of the Divine, a surrender to the Divine and an expectation of its dominion in one’s life. Your brother gave you the perfect prayer for humanity. We now give you the perfect prayer of consciousness:

I am the creative force and source of my universe, and I surrender my reality into the dominion of this truth, and all is well in my world.

The perfect prayer is a prayer that acknowledges the connection to divinity, surrenders itself to that truth and allows that dominion to be manifest in ones life.

You will move worlds, you will move universes. Learn this prayer well and include in all your communication with consciousness those three elements. In the history of humanity that is what the phases of religious evolution have sought to teach, an acknowledgment of a divine presence, a surrender to it, and its dominion in your reality. Feel the presence of prayer in your life.