We would wish for you  to see the magic in your life. Our desire is for you to see the miracles. In that manner you will find the joy that you seek. Shamelessly, deliberately, intentionally become children. If you wish to live your life in grace and ease, in peace, joy, abundance, and love, one must identify, acknowledge and desire that the Source is an ever-flowing fount of goodness and love, meeting every supply and need beyond the illusions.

Do not look for the world in God. Look for God in the world.

Everything you experience and the reality in which you feel it, be it joy or sadness, abundance or lack, happiness or sorrow, are all degrees of the presence of God. Let us explain this way, without the presence of God, there would be nothing, you would not exist. If it is 15 degree below outside, it is perceived as cold; yet, it is still a measure of heat, it is warmer than a 100 below zero. So it is with God. Lack in any form, be it abundance, success, health or love, is a degree to which you receive those things. Lack of something does not mean its absence, only a limited degree of its presence. There can not be a state of nothingness.

If you could see all things as contributing to the eternal construct of abundance, that realization would become a pathway, avenue, initiator and accelerator of that which you desire. If you perceive lack, it is important to focus on abundance, the eternal unalterable construct of the universe.

We would wish you to identify that God is present in all things in your life.

magicIt is like hearing music playing softly and you wish to turn up the volume. What diminishes that volume of God’s presence is the extraneous noises of the world in which you live. In a sense, God’s voice has no volume; it is the source, and the sound of all things. Two ways to hear something is turn up the volume, or quiet the environment. The internal distractions muffle the message. Now, we have not given you particularly any information you have not heard before, other than if you would acknowledge God’s presence you would experience the presence of God.

We will not need to discuss those distractions and voices. We are giving you a short cut that if you would acknowledge each thing as God’s presence, be it the dollar when you need ten, even your sorrow when you wish for joy. That will be the gentle rain of attention that will cause those things you desire to grow.

It is a human trait, everything is seen as degree and limitation. Fearful that something can be used up rather than a continual flow of that which you desire and need. The dollar you spend is seen as one less dollar you have. The sumptuous meal is always in anticipation of its end. In a sense, even in deciding to purchase something, you generally look at what you don’t have. The evaluation of whether you have enough is based upon what you don’t have. Rather, focus on what you do have, and it will multiply.

The key is to identify that everything is God and everything has infinite possibility. Lack is simply a degree of the infinite.

Are you all things at this moment? Do you have the potential? Yes. When you stand knee deep in a pile of seed, do not be looking for the corn or fruit somewhere else. Lack is the ambassador of the negative ego. It is an arch general in the arsenal of the negative ego’s weapons against humanity.

You overcome lack by realizing there is none.