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Abundance vs Greed

The concept of the pursuit of treasure is a long-standing philosophy embedded deeply in the minds of humanity. Everyone is waiting for their ship to come in, to obtain their inheritance, win the lottery.

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with the desire for abundance. Note that we did not say finance or wealth. Abundance is provided in many ways. It comes through all the aspects and energies of physical existence. It permeates the subtlety of your daily living and fills your cups of desire with generous portions of your wishes.

Yet humanity struggles in obtaining that which they already have, all the abundance they need. As a result, greed and avarice are born. The difference between greed and the honest desire for abundance is very subtle. But its consequences are profoundly different.

Abundance is the acknowledgement, the participation and the confidence that there is an eternal flow of everything you need.

Greed is born of the belief that there is a limited amount of abundance available, and because of that fear, flow is limited. The result is that the more you seek to attain, the more you lose. Although while firmly grounded in the concept of abundance, you are unafraid for when you pass […]

September 22nd, 2014|Awakening, Empowerment, Spirituality|

Individuality and Separateness

In contemporary terms, you have heard it said, “No man is an island,” or that ” The loneliest number is the number one.” In the vast sea of consciousness there is an island called separateness which can be the loneliest of all places in the universe. Isolation created by an illusion that one is separate from their surroundings, their environment, those whom they encounter and the world. One can see his life marooned upon this island, hoping for a ship to appear over the horizon to save them. Or perhaps if very lucky, someone else to drift ashore and to share the island; yet, the island of individuality has an occupancy of one.

Relationships, organizations, communities and governments are built upon the need to feel connected in one’s world. Out of fear, manipulation, control and deceit and the emergence of negative sexual energy becomes the tools, perhaps even the hooks, in a vane attempt to draw that which is outside themselves onto their island of loneliness. The warm waters of consciousness that lap against the shore of separateness quickly turn into a stormy sea of alienation.
The error in thought is that individuality by its very nature creates separateness.
To be individualized […]

September 14th, 2014|Consciousness|

The Void

As we have stated in an earlier concept, creation is an ongoing, ever-evolving process–ordered in its laws yet unpredictable and ever evolving in its outcome. There are many universes and many alternatives of those universes. We have expressed that both the creation and the creator are equal. That it is an honored state to be that which thrusts thought into existence and just as honorable to be that which exists, joyfully returning to the Source.

An analogy would be a child going off to school, a parent sends its offspring off to school and in the evening the child shares its adventures, talks about what it has learned, struggles, challenges and perhaps gives a picture to the parent. The parent is more complete and whole because of it.
The process of creation is thought made manifest and as a result that manifestation enlightens the Source.
Both the creator and the creation are teacher to each other and interdependent. Both are in dominion of their realms. Both learn and teach and thus is the dynamic energy of creation.

Humanity, as an expression of that consciousness in physical form, is in dominion of its creation and free to choose. Therefore, humanity has the opportunity to […]

September 8th, 2014|Enlightenment, Physicality|

Divine Intervention

Throughout our teachings, we have spoken to you of the power of your thought, the positive nature of forgiving yourselves and others. The victorious strains of surrender that frees you from the bonds and the chains created from the negative ego consciousness. You are truly the masters of your own destiny and ultimately responsible and accountable for that which you have created. Yet you are gods in learning, like the child learning to walk or the adolescent learning to drive, needing the assistance of a parent to teach them, guide them and, perhaps, even protect them from harm.

It is important that humanity understands their accountability for their creation; yet, often with that realization becomes the misunderstood perception that they are alone and the burden of creations is theirs. As any craftsmen or master builder they have tools and materials and often assistance in accomplishing their creation. So it is with Consciousness, you are learning to hone a new skill, to make adjustments, to re-evaluate, to redirect your thinking, and in that process you have the parent of your Consciousness, the collective whole, the presence of All That Is—God—to guide you, to instruct you, to protect you.
There is divine intervention […]

September 2nd, 2014|All That Is, Consciousness|

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