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Love Yourself

The complexities of consciousness are a unique combination of the three necessary elements of creation: the source, the observer and the manifestation. The I AM of your being is the definition of that unique creative force; for, it is only in the awareness of self-identification that you can fully be expressive as conscious creators. […]

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Acceptance Manifests

Focus, clarity and holding your consciousness toward your goals and desires are valuable attributes in creating the reality that you desire. These elements of consciousness indicate that you are receptive to what you desire in your life. They alleviate obstacles, minimize resistance and focus your intent on your goals. You do not need to […]

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Upon the Page

The following is from Chapter 5, Convergence of Consciousness, the Harmonics of Creation.

All creation is the result of the convergence of consciousness. Everything that exists has an energetic signature and a degree of conscious expression. The convergence of energy is the mechanism by which creation expresses. It is the pen in the creator’s hand. It […]

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Convergent Clashes

The following is from Chapter 4, Convergence of Consciousness, the Harmonics of Creation.

It is obvious that the history of humanity has been riddled with conflict and chaos. It would seem that humanity’s psyche gravitates to disharmony rather than balance and peace. Be it on a universal scale, a global perspective, a work environment or a […]

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Times Past

“Should old acquaintance be forgot” is a line to a popular song played on New Year’s Eve.

There is much discussion in spiritual circles and instruction in spiritual teachings to focus on the present—that all power is in the present, all possibility is in the present, and the past and the future do not exist. […]

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