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Media Tsunami

If individuals are inundated by stimuli to the point that they have lost their footing or have never been able to find it, what can be done? Where is their firm ground? In a vastly changing world, in a highly sensitized world, where mass consciousness is amplified by media’s indiscriminate coverage of events without concern for its impact on the masses, where does one turn to find firm footing?
Conscious awareness is expanding through humanity to communicate almost immediately, and those who are unwilling to stay firmly footed in their true identity during this barrage of information are literally going insane.
Remember your world can only reflect what is within you. Is it that the world is more insane, or is it that you are simply more aware of it? Are videos, music, and internet an expression of the consciousness of humanity from the sublime to the ridiculous to the detestable? You cannot hide yourself or your children from these influences without an anchor, a firm footing. So, what is the anchor for you and for them? The answer is simply self awareness and acceptance of your true identity. How did the individual identity diminish? There is no greater power; there […]

January 27th, 2009|Awakening|

Timely Message

So who are you? Who are those who you call into your reality? If they truly are yourself what are they saying to yourself? Every conflict or every moment of paradise is a reflection of one’s internal being. As we have stated, in times past, you are only dis-empowered by that which you perceive to be outside of yourself. So if there is conflict in your world, there is conflict within you.
If there is alienation within your life, there is alienation within you. If there is harmony in your life, there is harmony in you.
In this current evolutionary process on your planet, with vibrations increasing to the cusp of the fourth dimension, any conflict within your self, created from the perception of separation becomes like a pebble in a shoe irritating each step you take on your soul’s path. The dimensional shift is holographic in nature, and as you move triumphantly into the fourth dimension, you must leave behind the perception of separateness.

There is no vindictiveness in the universe and consequence is the product of learning not punishment. There is simply choice. One must make a choice to either honor that all is one or the perception of separateness […]

January 20th, 2009|Metaphysical|


Detachment is a concept that almost every spiritual belief has embraced. It seemingly holds the secret, or perhaps a key, to freedom. Being human is, indeed, a unique experience within the universal community. It is fraught with both pleasures and delights, anxiety and pain. To be invested or not invested in the outcome of one’s life, career, finances, relationships and health, is to experience a seemingly dangerous precipice between holding on to what one perceives and letting go into the seemingly unknown.

Your brother, Jesus, taught to be in the world, not of it. The Buddha spoke of total detachment. There lies the dichotomy: Does one ignore their world, their health, their bank account under the assumption that some unseen hand will save them from their fall into financial ruin, illness, or dysfunctional relationships?

We are to take care of our “house.” Each of you have experienced “trusting” a higher power to solve our third dimensional problems, to abdicate responsibility in the hopes of a savior, only to experience that no one was there to catch you from your fall.
You are well aware that your society, your country, and you, yourself, are facing challenges on all levels.
Perhaps you read this having […]

January 16th, 2009|Awakening, Metaphysical|

I am a Rock

Excerpt from Chapter 4, Ships of Song, A Parable of Ascension.

On the surface, Elizabeth was exploring her new playground. Barely able to hold her childlike excitement, she waited patiently for John to catch up with her. They had agreed to explore the five major islands which graced one of the planet’s oceans. Atlantis, as it later would be called, was an excellent base for planetary exploration. Soaring high above the terrain, her patience was rewarded with the arrival of John swooping like an eagle after its prey.

‘Gotcha!’ he yelled.

‘Okay, smarty! We’ll see who’s mastered flying! The first one to the big island wins!’

They soared and then dove toward the island. ‘Oh, by the way, to win you must land perfectly on the surface,’ Elizabeth challenged.

She knew this would be difficult since their physical mass was so ethereal their bodies would easily pass through solid objects. It was more a challenge of accuracy than the ability to stand on the surface. Their physical bodies were not much more than ghostly distortions of light, much like the heat waves rising from the beach they were about to land on.

With the challenge accepted, they both laughed and giggled like children as they […]

January 10th, 2009|Ascension, Awakening|

The Expansion

The Expansion and the Oneness of One’s Consciousness
Humanity, often times to learn, to create or change, chooses a painful and arduous path to awaken to a new awareness of their reality. The subtleties of the higher levels of human consciousness are faintly detected or, perhaps, not heard above the din of everyday life. Humanity feels trapped in its reality, even worse in its perception. For reality is the result of one’s perception. There are many stories about individuals that so easily could be saved if they just but reached their hand out for assistance. Salvation slips away with the belief that what is being offered is more dangerous, or salvation fails to match a preconceived idea.

The imagery we will use is the insect banging its head against the interior windshield of an automobile while the two side windows are open, and the creature remains there scrambling to and fro until exhaustion and ultimately death. Humanity bangs its head against the windshield of reality and seems unwilling, not unable, to look for the open windows of freedom.
This plane of existence has become more difficult as the light of a new dawn peers above the eastern horizon.
When all that you know […]

January 5th, 2009|Consciousness, Metaphysical|

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